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Rosamunde Pilcher Books in Order (30 Book Series)


Rosamunde Pilcher has written a series of 30 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 30 books
    1. 1

      Dangerous Intruder

      Rosamunde Pilcher

    2. 2

      The Brown Fields

      Rosamunde Pilcher

    3. 3

      Young Bar

      Rosamunde Pilcher

    4. 4

      A Day Like Spring

      Rosamunde Pilcher

    5. 5

      Dear Tom

      Rosamunde Pilcher

    6. 6

      Bridge of Corvie

      Rosamunde Pilcher

    7. 7

      A Family Affair

      Rosamunde Pilcher

    8. 9

      The Keeper's House

      Rosamunde Pilcher

    9. 10

      On My Own

      Rosamunde Pilcher

    10. 11

      Sleeping Tiger

      Rosamunde Pilcher

    11. 12

      Another View

      Rosamunde Pilcher

    12. 13

      The End of Summer

      Rosamunde Pilcher

    13. 14

      Snow in April

      Rosamunde Pilcher

    14. 15

      The Empty House

      Rosamunde Pilcher

    15. 17

      Under Gemini

      Rosamunde Pilcher

    16. 19

      The Carousel

      Rosamunde Pilcher

    17. 20

      Voices in Summer

      Rosamunde Pilcher

    18. 22

      The Shell Seekers

      Rosamunde Pilcher

    19. 23


      A Novel

      Rosamunde Pilcher

    20. 25

      Coming Home

      Rosamunde Pilcher

    21. 27

      The Key

      Rosamunde Pilcher

    22. 29

      Winter Solstice

      Rosamunde Pilcher

    23. 30

      A Place Like Home

      Rosamunde Pilcher

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    • Can you tell me about Rosamunde Pilcher books and how they came to be?

      Well, author Rosamunde Pilcher began her journey into the special world of literature as Jane Fraser. She started publishing her novels under the name Jane Fraser before she decided to use her own name, Rosamunde Pilcher, for her later works. This author is known for her books filled with romance and mystery that often take readers to the heart of Scotland.

    • Speaking of novels, what is the order in which they were published by the author?

      The author's novels were published in a specific order over the years. Starting with "A Secret to Tell" in 1949 under the pseudonym Jane Fraser, Pilcher continued to write several novels before she finally published under her own name, "The Empty House" in 1973. From then on, Pilcher published many more books, with her latest one, "Winter Solstice" published in 2000.

    • I am a fan of Jane Fraser and I've heard that she's also Rosamunde Pilcher. Can you confirm this?

      Absolutely, Jane Fraser and Rosamunde Pilcher are indeed the same person. The former is a pseudonym used by the author Rosamunde Pilcher in the early years of her career, before she started publishing under her real name.

    • I am curious to know. What book by the author should I read first?

      Before diving into the world filled with romance and mystery in Pilcher's novels, I would suggest you start with "The Shell Seekers". This book is considered one of the most beloved works by the author and will introduce you to Pilcher's unique style of storytelling.

    • I want to follow the chronological order of the author's books. Where can I find such an order?

      A proper search on the internet should give you the chronological order of Pilcher's books. There is a comprehensive list that details this order, from her first book under the pseudonym Jane Fraser to her last book published as Rosamunde Pilcher.

    • How can I keep track of the books I've read and the ones I want to read?

      There are many platforms that allow you to maintain a wishlist quick and easy. You can add the books you want to read to your wishlist, and once you've read them, you can note it as 'read saving' your progress. The book will be wishlist removed and you can add new ones to your wishlist.

    • Do you have a recommendation for me to add to my wishlist next?

      A book you can wishlist add is "Coming Home". This is a novel by Pilcher that is loved tenderly by her fans. It tells a story of love, life and heartbreak set against the backdrop of World War II.

    • What can you tell me about the related books to Pilcher's novels?

      Related books often fall into the categories of romance, mystery or sometimes even fantasy. They are set in similar locations like Scotland and revolve around similar themes as Pilcher's own novels. They can be found in various formats like hardcover, paperback, or even kindle versions.

    • Can you reply with the genres that Pilcher usually explores in her books?

      Pilcher's books usually span multiple genres. She primarily wrote romance novels, but many of her books also contain elements of mystery. Her stories take readers into a real, yet special world and her depiction of life in Scotland adds another layer of charm to her novels.