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Robert Bailey Books in Order (9 Book Series)


Robert Bailey has written a series of 9 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    9 books in this series

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    • Who is Robert Bailey and what are his books all about?

      Robert Bailey is a well-known author who specializes in rich, mystery-filled legal fiction. His books commonly follow the thrilling adventures of Professor McMurtrie and Drake, two skilled attorneys who tackle high-stakes law cases.

    • How many books are there in the McMurtrie and Drake series by Robert Bailey?

      There are a total of five books in Robert Bailey's McMurtrie and Drake series. Bailey, an author with an impressive avg rating, has crafted a series packed with thrilling legal mysteries that keep readers engaged from start to finish.

    • What is the correct order in which to read Robert Bailey's McMurtrie and Drake series?

      The optimal order to read the books of this series is 'The Professor' first, followed by 'Between Black and White', 'The Last Trial', 'The Final Reckoning', and finally 'Legacy of Lies'. This order allows readers to fully understand the progression of the thrilling law cases McMurtrie and Drake tackle.

    • Who are McMurtrie and Drake, the main characters of Bailey's legal thriller series?

      Professor McMurtrie is a former law professor and defense attorney. He often teams up with his former student, the skilled and determined lawyer, Drake, to crack complex, high-stakes cases in the legal thriller books written by Bailey, the author.

    • What is the legal aspect in Robert Bailey's books about McMurtrie and Drake?

      The legal aspect of Robert Bailey's books revolves around intriguing law cases, often filled with rich mystery and suspense. McMurtrie and Drake use their extensive legal knowledge to unravel these cases, making the books a thrilling read for those who enjoy legal fiction.

    • In what formats are Bailey's books available?

      Bailey's books can be found in various formats including hardcover, paperback, and even for Kindle. Whether you prefer a physical book or reading digitally, there's an option for you.

    • Are there any recurring themes or characters in Robert Bailey's books, besides McMurtrie and Drake?

      Yes, Bocephus Haynes, also known as Bo, is a recurring character in Bailey's books. He is a close friend and ally of McMurtrie and Drake, often assisting them in their complex legal cases.

    • How are Robert Bailey's books received by their readers?

      Bailey's books are highly praised by readers, with high avg ratings and positive reviews. Despite an occasional error rating, the clear rating shows that his books are deeply appreciated for their rich, mystery-filled plots and compelling character development.

    • When is Robert Bailey's latest book releasing?

      The latest book by Bailey was released in 2020. Be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming releases by this well-loved author! To stay updated, you can refresh the author's page on your favourite book review site.