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Puppy Place Books in Order (65 Book Series)


Puppy Place is a series of 65 books written by Ellen Miles. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    65 books in this series

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    • What is the Puppy Place, and who is its author?

      The Puppy Place is a widely popular chapter books series for children, written by one of the top authors in children's literature, Ellen Miles.

    • How should I arrange the Puppy Place series on my bookshelf for easy reading?

      To make the most of your reading experience, it's advisable to arrange the Puppy Place books using the 'read shelving' method. This means you arrange the books in the order they were published to follow the story perfectly.

    • I'm a bit confused about the order of the Puppy Place book series. How should I place them on my menu shelve?

      Sure, the Puppy Place series can be shelved on your menu shelve in the order they were published. The first book is 'Goldie', published in September 2005. It's commonly referred to as the 'book September'.

    • Are there any Puppy Place books that you would recommend for kids?

      Absolutely, the Puppy Place books are perfect for kids of all ages. I'd recommend starting with 'Shadow', which is a great book to introduce the series. We usually refer to it as the 'shadow book'.

    • Can you tell me about the latest book in the Puppy Place series?

      The latest book in the Puppy Place series is 'Snowball', referred to as the 'snowball book' by many fans. Like all books in the series, it tells a heartwarming story of a puppy finding a loving home.

    • I've heard there are some Puppy Place books that feature the character Charles. Can you tell me more?

      Charles is a recurring character in the Puppy Place series. He and his sister Lizzie are known for finding puppies and helping them find the perfect home. One of the most popular books featuring Charles is 'Chevron', often referred to as the 'books chevron'.

    • How do I order the Puppy Place books?

      You can order the Puppy Place books from most online bookstores. Just add your preferred books to your cart and follow the on-screen orders.

    • How can I find reviews about the Puppy Place books?

      You can find reviews about the Puppy Place books on various online platforms. They are often listed under 'Puppy Place' and you can sort them by the shelf rate to find the most positively reviewed ones.

    • Are the Puppy Place books suitable for all ages?

      Yes, the Puppy Place books are ideal chapter books for kids. However, they can also be enjoyed by adults who love stories about puppies finding their forever homes.