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Noughts and Crosses Books in Order (9 Book Series)

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Noughts and Crosses is a series of 9 books written by Malorie Blackman. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What's the crosses reading order of the books Malorie Blackman wrote?

      The noughts and crosses books in order as written by Malorie Blackman are as follows: "Noughts & Crosses", "Knife Edge", "Checkmate", and the "Double Cross" book. This sequence is followed by "Crossfire" and "Endgame".

    • Can you guide me through the crosses series by Malorie Blackman?

      Sure! The noughts and crosses series by Malorie Blackman consists of six books in total - starting with "Noughts and Crosses", followed by "Knife Edge", then "Checkmate", "Double Cross", "Crossfire" and finally "Endgame". These books revolve around the lives of Sephy and Callie Rose in a dystopian world filled with romance, mystery, and fantasy.

    • What other books Malorie Blackman has authored apart from the Noughts and Crosses series?

      Apart from the noughts and crosses books, Malorie Blackman, who is one of the top authors in YA fiction, has also written the Betsey Biggalow series, "Cloud Busting", and "Hacker" among others. Her books span a variety of genres including science fiction, mystery, romance, and fantasy.

    • How can I sort my books in order on my menu shelve?

      To sort your books in order on your menu shelve, you can use the checkbox label function to mark each book according to its sequence in the series. Then, you can shelve noughts and crosses books along with other novels by order of release or either by their shelf rate.

    • In which book does Callie Rose, a character from the Noughts and Crosses series, first appear?

      Callie Rose first appears in the "Checkmate" book, which is the third book in the Noughts and Crosses series by Malorie Blackman.

    • I'm new to the Noughts and Crosses series. Where should I start?

      The best place to start would be the first book in the series, titled "Noughts and Crosses". This will set the stage for the sequence of events that follow in the rest of the books by Malorie Blackman, including the "Knife Edge" book and the "Double Cross" book.

    • What's the sequence of events in the Noughts and Crosses series?

      The sequence in the noughts and crosses series begins with the first book - "Noughts and Crosses" and progresses through "Knife Edge", "Checkmate", "Double Cross", "Crossfire", and ends with "Endgame". The series follows the romance and struggle in a dystopian world between Sephy, a Cross, and Callie Rose, a Nought.

    • What genre does the Noughts and Crosses series belong to?

      The noughts and crosses series by Malorie Blackman falls under the young adult genre, with a blend of romance, mystery, and fantasy. It's a dystopian science fiction series set in an alternate world where racial discrimination is reversed.

    • Where can I find reviews about the Noughts and Crosses series before deciding to read them?

      There are many places where you can find reviews about the noughts and crosses series. Websites like Goodreads or Amazon often provide user reviews, and there are numerous book blogs and YouTube channels that offer in-depth reviews and analysis on these books. You can also check the books chevron in your local library or bookstore as they often have reviews and ratings.