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Neal Carey Books in Order (5 Book Series)

A Long Walk Up the Water SlideA Cool Breeze on the UndergroundThe Trail to Buddha's Mirror

Neal Carey is a series of 5 books written by Don Winslow. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you tell me about the Neal Carey series by Winslow?

      Yes! Don Winslow is the author of the Neal Carey series. The series is a fascinating collection of mystery novels that revolve around Neal, a student-turned-private-investigator. The series includes books like "A Cool Breeze on the Underground Book", "Way Down on the High Lonely Book" and "A Long Walk Up the Water Slide Book".

    • What is the first book in the Neal Carey series?

      The first book in the Neal Carey series is "A Cool Breeze on the Underground". This novel sets the tone for the subsequent books by introducing Neal Carey's character and his mystery-solving abilities.

    • How should I read the Neal Carey books in order?

      To fully enjoy the Neal Carey series, begin with "A Cool Breeze on the Underground Book". Proceed to the "Way Down on the High Lonely Book", then follow up with "A Long Walk Up the Water Slide Book". Use your reading read ability, if you are a fast reader, average reader or slow reader, it does not matter. The important thing is to read and add each book to your shelving menu.

    • Are there any other authors similar to the author of the Neal Carey series?

      While every author has a unique style, fans of Don Winslow's Neal Carey series may also enjoy works by other top mystery authors. However, the blend of mystery, romance and the distinctive character of Neal Carey distinguishes Winslow's books.

    • How does the Carey mystery compare to other mystery novels?

      The Carey Mystery stands out due to its blend of intense action, engaging characters, and intricate plotlines. It is a must-read for anyone who enjoys mystery novels.

    • What type of reader would enjoy the Neal Carey series?

      The Neal Carey series appeals to a wide variety of readers. Whether you're a mystery enthusiast, a romance fan, or a fiction lover, you'll find something to enjoy in these books.

    • What is the duration to read a Neal Carey book?

      The time it takes to read a Neal Carey book may vary depending on the speed at which you read. An average reader may take a few hours to complete a book.

    • Is there a preferred format to read the Neal Carey series, hardcover, paperback or e-book?

      The choice of format - hardcover, paperback, or e-book - is up to the individual reader. Some readers prefer hardcovers for their durability, while others prefer paperbacks for their portability. E-books can be conveniently read on your device at any time.

    • Where can I find all the Neal Carey books?

      You can find the Neal Carey books on any major book retailer's website or at your local bookstore. You can also find them on Addall Book, which provides a comprehensive list of books by different authors, including Joe, the author of the Neal Carey series.