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Natasha Lester Books in Order (9 Book Series)

A Kiss From Mr FitzgeraldA Beautiful DareHer Mother's Secret

Natasha Lester has written a series of 9 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is the author Natasha Lester and can you tell me the order of her books?

      Author Natasha Lester is a bestselling author of historical romance novels. Her books are often set in Paris during the war and are centered around the lives of women. The books should ideally be read in the order they were published. Her first book was "What is Left Over, After" followed by "If I Should Lose You", "A Kiss from Mr. Fitzgerald", "Her Mother's Secret", "The Paris Seamstress", "The French Photographer" and her latest book, "The Paris Secret".

    • I love novels with a touch of mystery, does Natasha Lester's books have any?

      Yes, many of Natasha Lester's novels have a touch of mystery in them. For instance, her book "The Paris Secret" revolves around a secret kept by a woman named Alix in Paris years ago. It's a historical fiction story that blends romance, war, and mystery.

    • I've heard that Natasha's books have high ratings. Is this true?

      Yes, that's absolutely true. The rating of each book by author Natasha Lester is generally high. This is because her stories, often revolving around secrets, Paris, women, and historical events, captivate the readers. The blend of romance and mystery in her fiction novels is frequently appreciated in reviews.

    • I'm interested in historical war stories from the women's perspective. Which of Natasha Lester's books should I add to my reading list?

      If you are interested in historical war stories from the perspective of women, you should definitely add "The Paris Seamstress" and "The French Photographer" to your reading list. These books tell the story of women in Paris during the war, their lives, secrets, and the mystery surrounding them.

    • I've never read any of Natasha's books before. How can I get a review of her books before buying?

      If you are interested in getting a review of Natasha Lester's books, you can follow her podcast where she often discusses her work. You may also find reviews on the online store where the book is sold. After reading the reviews, you can decide whether to add the books to your reading list.

    • What are the common themes in the author Natasha Lester's books?

      The author Natasha Lester often tells stories of women living in Paris, their lives often intertwined with secrets, war, romance, and mystery. Her books are historical fictions, with a consistent theme of strong women overcoming obstacles in life.

    • What is the regular and sale price of Natasha Lester's books in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle versions?

      The sale price of Natasha Lester's books can vary based on the retailer and format. However, typically, the regular price for a hardcover book is higher than that of a paperback or Kindle version. For the exact prices, you would have to check the publisher's site or the site where you plan to purchase the book.

    • What other authors would you recommend if I enjoy Natasha Lester's books?

      If you enjoy the novels by Natasha Lester, you may also enjoy the works of Hoover Colleen. Her books also often involve strong women, secrets, and historical settings.

    • Can I follow Natasha Lester's work beyond her books?

      Yes, you can follow Natasha Lester's podcast where she discusses her work, life, readings, and much more. If at any point you wish to stop receiving updates, you can unfollow the podcast.