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Mick Herron Books in Order (19 Book Series)

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Mick Herron has written a series of 19 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is the author Mick Herron and what are some notable books to his name?

      Mick Herron is a British author best known for his 'Slough House' series of spy thrillers. The series takes its name from the fictitious Slough House, a disregarded arm of the intelligence service that serves as a dumping ground for failed, disgraced, or otherwise undesirable secret agents. The 'Slough House' series includes notable titles such as 'Slow Horses', a British book that has received quite a number of stars in reviews. Publisher Soho Crime has released Mick Herron's books, continuing to add to the world of thrilling fiction.

    • I have heard about the 'Slough House' series by this author, Mick Herron. In what order should I read these books?

      The 'Slough House' series by Mick Herron author should be read in the following order: 'Slow Horses', 'Dead Lions', 'Real Tigers', 'Spook Street', 'London Rules', and 'Joe Country'. This order ensures the best reading experience as you follow the character arcs and developing storylines in Mick Herron's thrilling spy novels.

    • What is the first book in the 'Slough House' series and what is it about?

      The first book in the 'Slough House' series is 'Slow Horses'. It introduces you to the world of Slough House and its band of misfit spies led by the enigmatic Jackson Lamb. The book is a thrilling blend of crime, secret intelligence service, and intricate plot twists, making it a must-read for fans of spy fiction.

    • I am interested in the Slough House series, but do these books revolve around the same characters?

      Yes, the 'Slough House' series revolves around the same group of characters, most notably Jackson Lamb, the irascible leader of the Slow Horses. Each book delves into the secret world of these intelligence service outcasts and their struggle to reclaim their respect and careers.

    • Is Mick Herron's writing limited to only thriller and spy genres?

      While Mick Herron's 'Slough House' series and other books predominantly fall under the thriller and spy genre, he is not limited to just these. He has written a range of stories, some with a touch of romance and even fantasy. His versatility as an author is one of his standout qualities.

    • Can I buy Mick Herron's books in both physical and digital formats?

      Yes, you can buy Mick Herron's books in both physical and digital formats. His works are available for purchase from various sources including independent bookshops, which supports independent authors. For digital reading, you can access them through Kindle publication.

    • Are there any online platforms where I can buy Mick Herron's books and also support independent bookshops?

      Absolutely! Websites like Bookshop.org not only have Mick Herron's books available, but a portion of their proceeds also go to support local, independent bookshops. This is a great way to support Mick's work and indie bookstores.

    • Do I need to read the 'Slough House' series in order?

      While each of Mick Herron's 'Slough House' books can be enjoyed independently, reading the series in order provides a richer and deeper understanding of the characters and the ongoing story arcs. So, for the full 'Slough House' experience, it's recommended to read them in order.

    • What is next for Mick Herron's 'Slough House' series?

      Mick Herron continues to write the 'Slough House' series, with new plots and exciting stories featuring Jackson Lamb and his band of "slow horses". Fans eagerly await the release of every new book. Keep an eye out on his publisher Soho's announcements for the latest updates.