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Michael Wood Books in Order (11 Book Series)


Michael Wood has written a series of 11 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    11 books in this series

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    • What can you tell me about the Darke book by author Michael Wood?

      The Darke book is part of Michael Wood's acclaimed crime writing series featuring DCI Matilda Darke. This thriller offers a gripping blend of suspense, mystery, and thrilling action, all expertly crafted by Wood.

    • Could you provide a list of Michael Wood books in order?

      Certainly. The order of Michael Wood's books, beginning with the inaugural DCI Matilda Darke book, is as follows: 'For Reasons Unknown', 'Outside Looking In', 'A Room Full of Killers', 'The Hangman’s Hold', 'The Murder House', and the darke thriller, 'Stolen Children'.

    • How can I find all the books of the DCI Matilda series in one place?

      You can utilize the 'menu shelve' function on most online bookstores. This allows you to virtually 'shelf rate' books, placing all Michael Wood's books in one easy-to-access menu.

    • Can I read the Michael Wood books on my Kindle?

      Yes, you certainly can. Most of Michael Wood's books are available not just in hardcover paperback formats, but also in paperback Kindle versions. This provides a convenient option for fans of e-reading.

    • How reliable are the reviews of the Matilda Darke books?

      The reviews you'll find for the Matilda Darke books are typically 'verified reviews' from readers who have actually purchased and read the books, making them a reliable source of information about the books' content and quality.

    • Is there an audiobook version of the Michael Wood books in the Matilda Darke series?

      Unfortunately, the podcast for the audiobook of Michael Wood's Matilda series failed. However, the books are still available in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle formats.

    • What kind of audience would enjoy the Matilda Darke series?

      The Matilda Darke series is tailored towards readers who enjoy crime fiction with a strong, compelling protagonist. While there are elements of romance and suspense, the focus is predominantly on crime solving.

    • How well-received are the Michael Wood books by readers?

      Michael Wood's books, particularly the Matilda Darke series, have been highly praised by readers and critics alike. They frequently receive high 'stars' ratings and glowing reviews for their gripping narratives and complex characters.

    • Is Michael Wood actively involved with his readers and the crime writing community?

      Absolutely, Michael Wood is an active participant in the crime writing community and often interacts with his readers and other associate members through various media platforms. He is well-known for his commitment to his readers.