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Maeve Kerrigan Books in Order (13 Book Series)

Cruel ActsAfter the FireLeft For Dead

Maeve Kerrigan is a series of 13 books written by Jane Casey. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 13 books


    • Can you provide the maeve kerrigan books in order for new readers interested in the Jane Casey series?

      Of course! The maeve kerrigan series in order, by Jane Casey, is a collection of bestselling crime novels featuring the tenacious detective Maeve Kerrigan. To get the best reading experience, we recommend starting from the first novel and moving sequentially through the series order.

    • What is the correct maeve kerrigan series in order for someone just starting out?

      For fans eager to dive into the world of Maeve Kerrigan, the maeve kerrigan book series order should be read in the following order: "The Burning," "The Reckoning," "The Last Girl," "The Stranger You Know," "The Kill," "After the Fire," "Let the Dead Speak," and "Cruel Acts." Each book builds upon the last, allowing readers to follow Kerrigan's character development and intricate mystery plots seamlessly.

    • Where can I find a list of the maeve kerrigan book series order?

      You can find the complete series order for the maeve kerrigan series right on our Most Recommended Books menu. There, we not only list the maeve kerrigan books but also provide convenient links to their Kindle editions on Amazon, so you can easily add them to your collection and start reading at any time.

    • In what series order should I read the maeve kerrigan books to understand the relationship between Kerrigan and Derwent?

      The Maeve Kerrigan book series should be enjoyed in publication order to fully grasp the evolving dynamic between Maeve Kerrigan and her partner Derwent. Each maeve kerrigan book contributes to the deepening of their complex partnership against the backdrop of intense crime investigations.

    • Why should I get started with the maeve kerrigan series?

      The maeve kerrigan book series is a top choice for mystery and crime fiction enthusiasts. Authored by Jane Casey, one of the top crime authors, this series offers an intriguing look into the high-stakes world of police investigation. Each maeve kerrigan book draws you further into the twisted plots and the personal life of a dedicated detective.

    • What themes can I expect to encounter in the maeve kerrigan novels?

      Within the maeve kerrigan series by author Jane Casey, you will encounter a range of compelling themes including crime, justice, personal struggle, teamwork, and the intricate psychology of criminals. The series is rich with suspense and detailed police procedural work that fans of mystery and crime books will surely appreciate.

    • How can I keep up with new releases in the maeve kerrigan series by Jane Casey?

      While we at Most Recommended Books don't sell books directly, we do provide updates and links to Jane Casey's latest maeve kerrigan novels as they become available. So, keep checking our menu to be in the know, and add new releases to your must-read list as soon as they're out.