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Jericho Quinn Books in Order (10 Book Series)

Active MeasuresAct of TerrorBrute Force

Jericho Quinn is a series of 10 books written by Marc Cameron. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is the author of the Jericho Quinn series?

      The Jericho Quinn series is written by Marc Cameron, a top author in the mystery and fiction genres.

    • Can you tell me more about Jericho Quinn, the protagonist of Marc Cameron's book series?

      Jericho Quinn is a special agent for Alaska, with his adventures taking him around the world in a thrilling mix of mystery, adult fiction, and fantasy.

    • As one of the top authors, how does Marc Cameron's work compare to others in the genre, such as Greaney Tom or Tom Clancy?

      Like Tom Clancy and Greaney Tom, Marc Cameron's work is highly regarded in the fiction genre. His Jericho Quinn series, in particular, features a blend of mystery, adult fiction, and even some elements of fantasy, similar to the Jack Ryan and Cutter series by Clancy and Greaney, respectively.

    • How should I read the Jericho Quinn books in order?

      The Jericho Quinn books should be read in the order of their publication. This begins with the "Act of Terror" book, followed by "State of Emergency" book, "Time of Attack" book, and so on.

    • What format are the Jericho Quinn books available in?

      The Jericho Quinn series is available in various formats. You can year buy the hardcover, paperback versions, or even the paperback kindle version for your read shelving.

    • What is the shelf rate for the Jericho Quinn series, particularly for the "Act of Terror" book?

      The shelf rate for the Jericho Quinn series, including the "Act of Terror" book, is quite high, indicating that they're popular amongst fans of the adult fiction, mystery, and fantasy genres.

    • What is the latest book in the Jericho Quinn series?

      The latest book in the Jericho Quinn series is the "Dead Drop."

    • How can I keep track of the books I've read in the Jericho Quinn series?

      You can use the "menu shelve" function to keep track of the Jericho Quinn books you've read, and those you plan to read in the future.

    • In terms of genre, where does the Jericho Quinn series fit compared to other books by top authors?

      The Jericho Quinn series by Marc Cameron blends mystery, adult fiction, and elements of fantasy. It is similar to the works of other top authors like Tom Clancy and Greaney Tom, who also incorporate a mix of these genres in their books. This mixture makes the series an intriguing read for fans of these genres, including those who enjoy a dash of romance in their novels.