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Jane Hawk Books in Order (5 Book Series)


Jane Hawk is a series of 5 books written by Dean Koontz. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I'm interested in the Jane Hawk series. Can you explain what that is?

      Absolutely! The Jane Hawk series is a popular fiction thriller series of novels penned by bestselling author Dean Koontz. Jane Hawk is a strong, determined, and fierce character who sets the tone for the entire series.

    • How many Jane Hawk books are there and in what order should I read them?

      The Jane Hawk books in order are: "The Silent Corner" (2017), "The Whispering Room" (2017), "The Crooked Staircase" (2018), "The Forbidden Door" (2018), and "The Night Window" (2019). The rule of thumb is to read them in the order books were published to fully grasp the storyline.

    • Is there a way to add the series books to my reading list?

      Yes, in fact, there is. You can read add these series books to your reading list or shelving menu. This way, you ensure you read them in the right order and don't miss any Jane Hawk adventures!

    • I'm curious about the book series written by Dean Koontz. Can you tell me more?

      Dean Koontz is an American author who has written several popular book series. A master of suspense and mystery, Koontz's books often incorporate elements of thriller, fantasy, and romance. His Jane Hawk series particularly stands out as a top choice for many readers.

    • What are some other book writing works by Dean Koontz?

      Dean Koontz is a prolific author with many books under his belt. Some of his other popular works include the Odd Thomas series, the Moonlight Bay Trilogy, and the Frankenstein series. He also wrote a biography and a title generator book for aspiring authors.

    • Can you give me more details on the Jane Hawk books?

      Sure! The Jane Hawk series books fall under the genres of mystery, thriller, and fantasy fiction. They follow the life of Jane Hawk, a rogue FBI agent on the run, as she uncovers a wide-ranging conspiracy. The books are filled with suspense and a bit of romance, making them a popular read.

    • Are the Jane Hawk books related to the character Brady Hawk?

      Despite the same last name, Jane Hawk and Brady Hawk are not related. Brady Hawk is a character from a different series of books written by a different author. The Jane Hawk books are a completely separate series.

    • What personal information is there on Dean Koontz?

      Dean Koontz was born in Pennsylvania and now lives in Southern California with his wife. He has published numerous books under various pen names during his career and has had many of his novels reach the New York Times Best Seller list.

    • What are the differences between the Jane Hawk series and other popular mystery and romance novels?

      The Jane Hawk series blends mystery, thriller, and fantasy elements with a dash of romance. Koontz creates a unique, complex character in Jane Hawk and spins a wide-ranging conspiracy for her to unravel. While there are many popular mystery and romance novels out there, the Jane Hawk series stands out due to its big-picture storytelling and the strong, determined character of Jane herself.