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Jane Feather Books in Order (51 Book Series)

A Husband's Wicked WaysA Holiday GambleA Valentine Wedding

Jane Feather has written a series of 51 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    51 books in this series

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    • Who is Jane Feather and what is she known for?

      Jane Feather is an immensely popular author known for her historical romance novels.

    • What type of books does this author primarily write?

      This author primarily writes romance novels. Her books typically revolve around the lives of young men and women in historical settings.

    • What is the most popular series from Jane Feather?

      Jane Feather's most popular series is arguably the 'V' trilogy which has received an avg rating among her works.

    • How did Jane Feather become an author?

      The journey of Jane Feather to become an author was not without challenges. She failed in her initial attempts but her persistent spirit helped her to finally earn the title of "author".

    • What is unique about Jane Feather's romance novels compared to those of other authors?

      Jane Feather's romance novels are unique because of their historical touch, adding a personal reflection of the author's intense interest for history.

    • Is Jane Feather a native of London?

      Yes, Jane Feather is a native of London. Many of her books are also set in London, reflecting her personal familiarity with the city.

    • Who are some other authors who write in a similar genre to Jane Feather?

      Some authors who write in a similar genre to Jane Feather include Claudia Bishop and Bantam author, both known for their romance fiction novels.

    • Should I read Jane Feather's books in order?

      Yes, it is often more enjoyable to read Jane Feather's books in order as many are part of a series or trilogy.

    • Where can I buy Jane Feather's books?

      Jane Feather's books are widely available for sale at regular price on platforms like Amazon. They are also available as Kindle publications, and can often be found as part of a credit sale. Jane Feather's novels and book covers can be found in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle publication formats. The author Jane Feather has had numerous bestsellers, with some falling under the popular romance category. She has also written historical fiction, with a focus on the romance between a man and woman, often in a London setting. Not all of her books have been successful, as some have failed to reach the same level of popularity as others.