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James Oswald Books in Order (20 Book Series)

Bury Them DeepAll That LivesCold as the Grave

James Oswald has written a series of 20 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 20 books


    • Can you tell me about James Oswald books in order?

      James Oswald has authored several thrilling novels and they can be read in publication order for optimal enjoyment of the narrative progression. His Inspector McLean series is particularly popular among readers, making it a sought-after series for inspector fans often seek. To find the books in their proper release sequence, you can view a list on our site that organizes them by publication order.

    • I'm interested in James Oswald's books. How many total works has he published?

      As of our latest update, the author James Oswald has written numerous novels across different series, including the Inspector McLean novels, as well as standalone books and other series. To see the total works from this author, including those in the series inspector McLean fans enjoy, you can check out the specific author section on our site, where we list all his available titles.

    • What series should I start with if I want to read books in order by James Oswald?

      For a gripping series experience, many fans recommend starting with the Inspector McLean series. Reading books in order allows you to follow the character development and story arcs that James Oswald has intricately created. Begin with the first book of the inspector series to immerse yourself completely in the world of Inspector Tony McLean.

    • Is there a publication order I should follow when reading James Oswald novels?

      Yes, following the publication order is often suggested for readers who want to experience the evolution of James Oswald’s writing and storytelling, particularly if you're starting with the inspector series. You can find this order listed on our site, with links to each novel, and if you're reading on Kindle, we can help you add them directly to your device.

    • How do I find James Oswald's earlier works in the inspector series?

      To discover the earlier works of James Oswald, including the inspector titles, you can search for the Inspector McLean series on our site. We have organized them not only by release date but also by series, allowing you to easily find and start from the very first book.

    • Do I need to read James Oswald's Inspector McLean books in order?

      While each of the novels can stand alone with their own unique cases, reading read the Inspector McLean books in order allows for a more enriched reading experience. You will be able to understand the backstory of the protagonist, Detective Inspector Tony McLean, and the chronological development of recurring themes and characters.

    • What can I expect from James Oswald as an author when starting the Inspector McLean series?

      James Oswald is an author renowned for his rich storytelling and complex characters. When you delve into the McLean inspector series, you can expect to be drawn into dark, atmospheric settings coupled with intricate plots and well-developed character arcs. His books offer a consistent mix of crime, mystery, and the supernatural that will surely keep you engaged.