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James Grippando Books in Order (31 Book Series)


James Grippando has written a series of 31 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 31 books
    1. 2

      The Informant

      James Grippando

    2. 3

      Found Money

      James Grippando

    3. 4

      The Abduction

      James Grippando

    4. 6

      A King's Ransom

      James Grippando

    5. 11


      James Grippando

    6. 17

      Intent To Kill

      James Grippando

    7. 23

      Cane and Abe

      James Grippando

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    • Can you enlighten me about James Grippando books, particularly those featuring Jack Swyteck?

      Sure! Known as a bestselling author, James Grippando has written a number of legal thriller novels featuring a character named Jack Swyteck. Jack, a lawyer based in Florida, solves mystery cases that often put his life at risk. The books are rich in suspense and legal intricacies, making Grippando one of the popular authors of the thriller genre.

    • What book marked the start of the Jack Swyteck series?

      "The Pardon" is the first book in the Jack Swyteck series, a solid foundation for Grippando's later bestsellers. It introduces Jack, a Florida lawyer whose life gets intertwined with mystery and legal cases. The novel is famous for its full suspense-filled plot and thrilling twists.

    • How can I read the James Grippando's books in order, starting from the first novel in the Jack Swyteck series?

      To read James Grippando's books in order, you should start with "The Pardon", followed by "Beyond Suspicion", "Last to Die", and so on. The order allows you to follow Jack's life as a Florida lawyer handling mystery cases, and to appreciate how Grippando's storytelling skills have evolved over time.

    • Is there a specific order to read the novels of James Grippando, the famous Florida author?

      Yes, there is an order to read the novels of James Grippando. Start with "The Pardon" which introduces you to Jack, the Florida-based lawyer handling mystery cases. The series in order will take you through Jack's adventures and the evolution of Grippando's legal thrillers.

    • I am considering reading the James Grippando book series. Can you tell me more about the author and his work?

      James Grippando is a bestselling author known for his mystery novels. He specializes in legal thrillers that often feature Jack, a Florida-based lawyer. Grippando's novels are renowned for their suspense and intricate legal details, making him a favorite among mystery and thriller readers. Grippando Harper publication is where you can find most of his works.

    • Are there any stand-alone novels by James Grippando that don't feature Jack Swyteck?

      Yes, besides the Jack Swyteck series, Grippando has authored other standalone novels. They still carry his signature style of mystery and legal details, and often take the readers through suspenseful adventures in Florida.

    • How can I review and add James Grippando books to my wishlist quickly?

      You can review and add Grippando's books to your wishlist quickly through online bookstores or platforms. Many have features for reviews, add to wishlist quick options, and menus to shelve the books you're interested in.

    • What are some of the bestsellers among James Grippando's books?

      Some of the bestseller Grippando novels include "Gone Again", "A Death in Live Oak", and "The Girl in the Glass Box". These books, like many of his works, revolve around the life of Jack Swyteck, a lawyer solving mystery cases in Florida.

    • Do James Grippando's novels come in paperback or kindle publication?

      Absolutely! James Grippando's novels come in both paperback and kindle publication. Whether you prefer holding a physical book or reading on a device, you can enjoy Grippando's Florida-set mystery novels.