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Isabel Allende Books in Order (27 Book Series)

AphroditeA Long Petal of the SeaCity of the Beasts

Isabel Allende is a series of 27 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 27 books
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      A Memoir

      Isabel Allende

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      A Novel

      Isabel Allende

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    • I keep hearing about Isabel Allende books and their contribution to hispanic heritage. Can you tell me the order in which I should read them?

      Absolutely! Isabel Allende's books indeed play a significant role in promoting Hispanic heritage. To fully appreciate her work, you should read them in the order they were published. Starting with "The House of the Spirits," published in 1982, followed by "Of Love and Shadows," "Eva Luna," "The Infinite Plan," "Daughter of Fortune," and so on.

    • What is the best way to check the order of Isabel Allende books, considering she is such a prolific author?

      You can check the order of books by the bestselling author Isabel Allende on her official website or other reliable online book databases. They often list Isabel Allende books in chronological order, with details about each book's release date, publisher, and book covers.

    • What is the latest book by author Isabel Allende? And in what order does it fall within her complete body of work?

      The latest book by author Isabel Allende is "The Soul of a Woman." This book, released in 2021, comes after "A Long Petal of the Sea," a historical novel published in 2020. "The Soul of a Woman" is a reflection on Allende's life and the changes she has witnessed over the decades, especially concerning women's rights and freedoms.

    • How do her novels reflect Isabel Allende's Hispanic heritage?

      Isabel Allende's novels are deeply rooted in her Hispanic heritage. They often depict the life, love, and struggles of characters in the backdrop of historical and political events of Latin America. For instance, "The House of the Spirits" revolves around the life of a family over several generations, detailing their loves, losses, joys, and tragedies.

    • What order of books would you recommend for a young reader who is new to Isabel Allende?

      For a young reader, I would recommend starting with her young adult novels, such as "City of the Beasts," "Kingdom of the Golden Dragon," and "Forest of the Pygmies." These books offer a blend of adventure, magic, and an introduction to Isabel Allende's beautiful storytelling style.

    • Does the order in which I read Isabel Allende's books affect my understanding of them, considering they represent different periods of life and historical events?

      While each book by Isabel Allende can be read independently, reading them in the order of their publication can provide a more profound understanding of her life's journey, evolving writing styles, and deep-seated themes. It's almost like watching a flower bloom in slow motion.

    • Which book by Isabel Allende would you recommend if I am looking for a profound romance?

      If you're in search of a passionate romance, I would suggest "Portrait in Sepia," where love plays a central role. However, love is a theme that Allende explores in many of her books, often intertwined with the realities of life and historical events, making her novels both heart-wrenchingly beautiful and thought-provoking.

    • What is the order of her Eva trilogy?

      The 'Eva' trilogy consists of "Eva Luna" and two collections of stories, "The Stories of Eva Luna" and "Infinite Plan". The correct order to read them would be "Eva Luna" first, followed by "The Stories of Eva Luna" and finally "Infinite Plan."

    • Where can I find reviews of Isabel Allende books in order to decide which one to read first?

      Reviews of Isabel Allende's books can be found on numerous online platforms, such as the New York Times book review section, Goodreads, Amazon, and other book review websites. These can provide a good understanding of each book's theme and context, helping you decide which one to dive into first.