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Helen Fields Books in Order (10 Book Series)

Perfect CrimeOne for SorrowPerfect Death

Helen Fields has written a series of 10 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is Helen Fields?

      Helen Fields is an author known for her thrilling mystery novels, most notably the Callanach series. This series has become quite popular among fans of thriller, mystery, and even elements of romance and fantasy. Many readers find themselves captivated by the intriguing character of Luc Callanach, who is a central figure in the series.

    • What is the Callanach series?

      The Callanach series is a collection of thrilling mystery novels penned by the author Helen Fields. Central to the series is the character Luc Callanach, a detective working to solve cases with a mix of fantasy and romance thrown in. These Helen Fields books have been published by the publisher Avon, and have been released in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle editions.

    • What is the order of Helen Fields' books in the Callanach series?

      The Callanach series by Helen Fields consists of several books, starting with "Perfect Remains," followed by "Perfect Prey," "Perfect Death," "Perfect Silence," "Perfect Crime," and "Perfect Kill." There's also "Perfect Shadow," a short story in the series, and the final book currently is "Perfect Dark." It's always a thrilling read as Luc Callanach unravels each mystery in these novels.

    • Can I buy these books?

      You certainly can. Each Helen Fields book in the Callanach series is available for purchase. The sale price can vary depending on the format - hardcover, paperback, or Kindle. Sometimes, there's a credit sale for the books, especially during special events.

    • What is the rating of these books?

      The rating of each book in the Callanach series can vary, but overall, they are highly rated by readers. Fans of mystery, thriller and even romance novels have given positive reviews. The intricate plots and the character development of Luc Callanach particularly stand out in the ratings.

    • Who are some other authors similar to Helen Fields?

      If you enjoy the work of Helen Fields, you might also enjoy books by authors such as Hoover Colleen. Like Fields, Colleen also writes thrilling novels that blend elements of romance, mystery, and suspense.

    • Can I reply to the author or contact the institution that publishes these books?

      You definitely can reply to the author or contact the publisher Avon. However, keep in mind that authors are often busy penning their next novels, so it may take some time to get a reply. As for the institution, they typically have customer service departments that can respond to inquiries about book availability, new releases, and more.

    • Is there a new Helen Fields book on the way?

      Helen Fields released her latest book from the Callanach series, "Perfect Dark," not long ago. While there's often anticipation for a new book, there may be a mins release gap between books to give the author enough time to craft the next thrilling mystery. For the most accurate information, it's best to contact the institution or check Helen Fields' official website.

    • Are there any special editions of Helen Fields books?

      There are multiple editions of Helen Fields books, including hardcover, paperback, and Kindle editions. The books may also be part of a credit sale from time to time. For exact details, it's best to check with the retailer or the publisher Avon.