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George Smiley Books in Order (9 Book Series)


George Smiley is a series of 9 books written by John le Carré. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you provide me with the ultimate guide to the George Smiley books written by John Le Carré?

      Certainly! The ultimate guide to the George Smiley novels by John Le Carré would start with "Call for the Dead" and end with "A Legacy of Spies". However, it is important to remember that not all of the author's books feature George Smiley as the lead character.

    • Who is the lead character in the George Smiley series by Le Carré?

      The lead character in the George Smiley series is, of course, George Smiley himself. Unlike Bond, Smiley is a less flamboyant, more cerebral spy who works for the British Secret Service.

    • How many books are there in the George Smiley series written by this author?

      There are a total of eight George Smiley books penned by prolific author John Le Carre. These thrilling spy novels have been a hit among fans of the genre.

    • What's the best way to read the George Smiley books in order?

      When it comes to the George Smiley series, it's generally recommended to read them in the order that they were published. This way, you can follow the character's evolution and the overarching narrative across the books.

    • Can I find the George Smiley books in different formats like hardcover, paperback, or Kindle?

      Yes, you can. The George Smiley books by John Le Carre are available in hardcover, paperback, and for Kindle. You can choose the format that suits your reading preferences the best.

    • What is the order of the George Smiley books written by the author John?

      The George Smiley novels are best read in the following order: "Call for the Dead", "A Murder of Quality", "The Spy Who Came in from the Cold", "The Looking-Glass War", "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy", "The Honourable Schoolboy", "Smiley's People", and "A Legacy of Spies".

    • Can I shelve the George Smiley books according to orders and ratings?

      Yes, you can shelve your George Smiley books according to order of publication, shelf rate, or even read shelving. It's all about making your reading experience convenient and enjoyable.

    • Are there any television adaptations of the George Smiley books?

      Yes, there are. The BBC adapted two of the George Smiley novels into television mini-series - "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" and "Smiley's People". Both series starred Alec Guinness as George Smiley.

    • Where can I find a menu to shelve the George Smiley books?

      You can manage your George Smiley books using a menu shelve option on various online platforms. This can help you keep track of which books you've read, which you own, and which ones you wish to read next.