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Fern Britton Books in Order (18 Book Series)


Fern Britton has written a series of 18 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you give me an overview of fern britton's books and their order?

      Absolutely. Fern Britton, the author, has written a number of fiction novels. The order of her books starts with "Coming Home," followed by "A Cornish Gift," "The Postcard," "A Good Catch," and lastly "The Newcomer". You can even do a book refresh to stay updated with the latest releases.

    • In what categories does Fern Britton's fiction fit?

      Fern Britton's books cover a variety of categories. They are mainly fiction, with a focus on family, relationships, and life in the Cornish countryside. The author's depiction of life back home in Cornwall is quite captivating.

    • Are all the Fern Britton books standalone or do they form a series?

      Most of Fern Britton's books are standalone fiction novels, not part of a series. They can be read independently, without any prior knowledge of the author's other books.

    • How can I get my hands on a Fern Britton book for my collection?

      To add a Fern Britton book to your collection, you can visit a local book shop or look for online platforms. Just simply basket add the book of your choice and proceed to basket view and then to basket click to checkout.

    • Who is the publisher of Fern Britton's books?

      The publisher of Fern Britton's books is Harper Collins. They have been a consistent publisher for the author's novels.

    • Are Fern Britton's books available in paperback and hardcover?

      Yes, her books are available both in paperback and hardcover. Once a paperback is added to your basket, you can proceed to checkout.

    • Does Fern Britton narrate her own audiobooks?

      Not all, but some of Fern Britton's books have her as the britton narrator. It's always special to hear the author read their own work.

    • Are any of Fern Britton's books suitable for children?

      While Fern Britton's books primarily cater to an adult audience, older children might enjoy her fiction. However, it's always best to read through it first to ensure its suitability.

    • What's the latest release from Fern Britton?

      The most recent release from Fern Britton is "Daughters of Cornwall", a kindle publication. You can add it to your collection for a refreshing read from the past.