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Fablehaven Books in Order (5 Book Series)


Fablehaven is a series of 5 books written by Brandon Mull. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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  • I am looking for the Fablehaven book series in order. Can you guide me?

    Sure, the Fablehaven series is a children's fantasy series written by the author Brandon Mull. The series includes five top-rated books. Here's the series in order: 1) Fablehaven, 2) Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star, 3) Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague, 4) Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, and 5) Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison. Make sure to menu shelve them in the correct order, so you get the full magical experience.

  • I'm a bit lost with the Fablehaven series. Can you tell me more about it?

    The Fablehaven series is a set of fantasy novels based around siblings Kendra and Seth Sorenson. They spend their summers at their grandparents' magical preserve, Fablehaven, where they encounter all sorts of mythical and magical creatures. This series, authored by Brandon Mull, is a perfect blend of adventure, fantasy, and a dash of romance.

  • Who is Brandon Mull and what is his relation to the Fablehaven series?

    Brandon Mull is the author of the Fablehaven series. He has also written several other fantasy series and standalone books. His work is well-loved by fantasy fiction fans around the world.

  • What is the appropriate shelf rate for the Fablehaven books?

    The Fablehaven books are top-tier fantasy novels, and their shelf rate is high among fantasy lovers. They are often found in the preferred spots on the reading shelves of libraries and book clubs due to their popularity.

  • How can I add paperback versions of the Fablehaven books to my collection?

    You can add paperback versions of the Fablehaven books to your collection by checking their availability at local bookstores or online. The publisher, Aladdin, often offers paperback editions.

  • What are the types of reviews Fablehaven receives?

    The Fablehaven series typically receives verified reviews from readers. These review types vary from readers praising the fantasy elements, the characters, the plot, and the overall writing style of the author, Brandon Mull. To review and learn more about the series, you can visit book review sites or join a book club.

  • Are there more books by Brandon Mull after the Fablehaven series?

    Yes, Brandon Mull continued with a sequel series to Fablehaven called Dragonwatch. If you're done with the Fablehaven series, add Dragonwatch to your read shelving. This series further explores the adventures of the Sorenson siblings in a world filled with fantastical creatures.

  • How to I keep track of the Fablehaven series and other books by the author?

    You can keep track of the Fablehaven series and other books by the author by using a books chevron or a book tracking app. This will help you keep track of which books you've read and which ones are next on your list.

  • What do I need to know about the Fablehaven series before starting to read?

    The Fablehaven series is a fun and magical journey. It's a top-rated fantasy series written by Brandon Mull, and it's filled with adventure, suspense, and a bit of romance. The series includes five books in total, and there's also a sequel series called Dragonwatch. Get ready for a fantastic reading experience!