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F Scott Fitzgerald Books in Order (68 Book Series)

A Short AutobiographyA Life in LettersAfternoon of an Author

F Scott Fitzgerald has written a series of 68 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 68 books
    1. 1

      St. Paul Plays


      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    2. 4


      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    3. 5

      Bernice Bobs Her Hair

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    4. 7

      Head and Shoulders

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    5. 8

      May Day

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    6. 11

      The Camel's Back

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    7. 12

      The Four Fists

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    8. 13

      The Ice Palace

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    9. 14

      The Jelly-Bean

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    10. 16

      The Offshore Pirate

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    11. 17

      The Short Stories

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    12. 24

      Winter Dreams

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    13. 28

      Love in the Night

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    14. 30

      The Great Gatsby

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    15. 31

      The Rich Boy

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    16. 32


      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    17. 35

      The St. Paul Stories

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    18. 36

      Tender Is the Night

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    19. 37

      Taps at Reveille

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    20. 40

      The Crack-Up

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    21. 41



      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    22. 43

      The Last Tycoon

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    23. 45

      The Notebooks

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    24. 47

      A Life in Letters

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    25. 48

      Collected Stories

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    26. 51

      The Sayings

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    27. 52

      On Authorship

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    28. 56

      The Popular Girl

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    29. 58

      Dreams of Youth

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    30. 59

      On Booze

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

    31. 60

      Gatsby Girls

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

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    • What's the order for reading Scott Fitzgerald's books, especially the novels and short stories?

      The best way to engage with Scott Fitzgerald's work is by starting with "This Side of Paradise" published in 1920, followed by "The Beautiful and Damned Fitzgerald", published in 1922. You can then continue with his long fiction masterpieces "The Great Gatsby" (1925) and "Tender is the Night" (1934), and finally "The Love of the Last Tycoon" (unfinished, published posthumously in 1941). Short stories collection like "Flappers and Philosophers" (1920) and "Tales of the Jazz Age" (1922) can be explored anytime as they provide a deep insight into Fitzgerald's love for short narratives.

    • Is there a series among Scott Fitzgerald's books that I need to follow in order?

      Although Fitzgerald's books are not officially a series, his works often revolve around the themes of the Jazz Age and the American Dream, presenting a kind of historical series. You'll find in his novels and short stories the same vibe of the roaring twenties, the struggles of love, money and life. And of course, "The Great Gatsby", Fitzgerald's most famous work, stands as a centerpiece of this series, in a manner of speaking.

    • Is there a recommended order to read Fitzgerald's books for a better understanding of his themes?

      Yes. Start with "This Side of Paradise", Fitzgerald's debut novel. Then, read "The Beautiful and Damned Fitzgerald", followed by the "Great Gatsby", Fitzgerald's most celebrated work. After this comes "Tender is the Night", and finally, "The Love of Last Tycoon". Do not miss out on his short stories as they are key to understanding Fitzgerald's themes and the time he lived in.

    • I'm interested in reviewing Scott Fitzgerald's books. What should be the order of my review?

      As a reviewer, your order should align with the order of Fitzgerald's publication. Start with "This Side of Paradise", his first novel, then progress chronologically. This approach will provide insight into Fitzgerald's growth as a writer, his evolving themes, and the impact of his personal life, particularly his turbulent relationship with his wife, Zelda, and his love for Ginevra King, on his writing.

    • Can you provide an order to purchase Fitzgerald's books, both paperbacks and hardcovers?

      The simplest way to buy Fitzgerald's books is in chronological order, starting from "This Side of Paradise". But, if you're looking for a more curated experience, buy "The Great Gatsby" first as it's widely regarded as Fitzgerald's greatest work. You can then dive into his short stories and other novels. Always ensure you buy from a verified vendor for authenticity and quality of the paperback or hardcover.

    • Can you give a brief review of "The Great Gatsby" and its place in Fitzgerald's books?

      "The Great Gatsby" is the third novel by Fitzgerald and considered by many as one of the greatest American novels of the 20th century. It explores themes of wealth, love, and the American Dream, through the story of Jay Gatsby's love for Daisy. Published in 1925, it stands as a timeless piece of literary craftsmanship. It holds a central place in Fitzgerald's bibliography, representing the peak of his career.

    • Is there a specific order to read Fitzgerald's short stories for a better understanding of his work?

      Fitzgerald's short stories can be read in any order, yet, as with his novels, chronological order might give a clearer understanding of his progression as a writer. His early stories like "Bernice Bobs Her Hair" showcase his wit, while later ones like "The Diamond as Big as The Ritz" reflect deeper explorations of his themes. But whatever order you choose, don't miss "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", one of Fitzgerald's most renowned short stories.

    • What should be the order for a new reader to approach Fitzgerald's works?

      A new reader should start with "The Great Gatsby" as it is Fitzgerald's most universally loved and acclaimed work. Follow this with his debut novel "This Side of Paradise" and "The Beautiful and Damned Fitzgerald". From there, dive into his short stories, like those in "Flappers and Philosophers" and "Tales from the Jazz Age". Lastly, read "Tender is the Night" and the unfinished "The Love of The Last Tycoon".

    • How do I order Fitzgerald's books if I want to understand the author's life and the influence of his life events on his work?

      To truly understand the impact of Fitzgerald's life on his work, start with "This Side of Paradise", which mirrors Fitzgerald's own youthful experiences. Follow this with "The Great Gatsby", heavily influenced by his relationship with Ginevra King and his observations of wealth during his time. "The Beautiful and Damned Fitzgerald" reflects Fitzgerald's marriage life with Zelda, while "Tender is the Night" mirrors the more turbulent times of their life together. Reading in this order will provide a deep insight into the interplay between Fitzgerald's life and work.