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Eric Van Lustbader Books in Order (52 Book Series)


Eric Van Lustbader has written a series of 52 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 52 books
    1. 6


      Eric Van Lustbader

    2. 7

      Black Heart

      Eric Van Lustbader

    3. 11

      French Kiss

      Eric Van Lustbader

    4. 12


      Eric Van Lustbader

    5. 14

      Angel Eyes

      Eric Van Lustbader

    6. 15

      Black Blade

      Eric Van Lustbader

    7. 19

      Dark Homecoming

      Eric Van Lustbader

    8. 21

      Art Kills

      Eric Van Lustbader

    9. 22

      Pale Saint

      Eric Van Lustbader

    10. 42

      Any Minute Now

      Eric Van Lustbader

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    • Who is Eric Van Lustbader and what is the publication order of his novels?

      Eric Van Lustbader is a bestselling author known for his thriller and fantasy novels. The publication order of Eric Lustbader books often begins with "The Ninja," his debut novel. Following that is his well-known series featuring Jason Bourne, a character created by Robert Ludlum. Eric Van Lustbader's Bourne novels continue where Ludlum left off, and the publication order begins with "The Bourne Legacy".

    • I'm a fan of the Bourne series. Could you provide the publication order of the Bourne novels written by author Eric Van Lustbader?

      Sure, the Bourne series by bestseller Lustbader are a continuation of the original Robert Ludlum series. The publication order begins with "The Bourne Legacy" followed by "The Bourne Betrayal", "The Bourne Sanction", "The Bourne Deception", "The Bourne Objective", "The Bourne Dominion", and so on.

    • Could you tell me the publication order for the Ryder books authored by Eric Van Lustbader?

      Of course, the Ryder books by Eric Van Lustbader are a series in the thriller genre. The publication order begins with "Any Minute Now" followed by "Four Dominions".

    • Can we see the publication order for Eric Van Lustbader books from different genres?

      Yes, apart from thriller novels, Van Lustbader also wrote fantasy. His Sunset Warrior cycle publication order begins with "The Sunset Warrior," followed by "Shallows of Night," and "Dai-San." His Pearl Saga, another fantasy series, has the publication order starting with "The Ring of Five Dragons," followed by "The Veil of a Thousand Tears," and "The Cage of Nine Banestones."

    • Is Eric Van Lustbader known for writing any stand-alone novels? What's the publication order for these?

      Yes, Van Lustbader has written several stand-alone novels as well. The publication order for these begins with "The Ninja", "Black Heart", "Zero", and "French Kiss", among others.

    • Are there any publications from Eric Van Lustbader that are not novels? Can you provide their order?

      Yes, there are. Apart from his best-selling novels, Eric Van Lustbader has also written a number of short stories. The publication order for these would include "In the Footsteps of the Master" and "Art Kills".

    • What is the publication order of Eric Van Lustbader’s books featuring Batman?

      Eric Van Lustbader has contributed his writing skills to the world of Batman. His Batman novel, titled "Batman: The Last Angel", was published in 1992. So, in terms of publication order, it would follow his earlier works but precede most of his Bourne novels.

    • How does the publication order of Eric Van Lustbader's books affect the reading experience?

      Reading Eric Van Lustbader books in publication order can enhance the reading experience as it allows you to follow the author's evolution in writing style and themes. For series like Bourne, it's important to read in publication order to understand the full storyline.

    • In the publication order of Eric Van Lustbader's novels, which one is considered the most popular?

      The most popular among Eric Van Lustbader’s novels, based on sales and reviews, is his continuation of the Bourne series originally started by Robert Ludlum. Of these, "The Bourne Legacy", his first Bourne book, is especially well-regarded.