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Elmore Leonard Books in Order (58 Book Series)


Elmore Leonard has written a series of 58 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 58 books
    1. 6


      Elmore Leonard

    2. 11

      52 Pick Up

      Elmore Leonard

    3. 12

      Mr Majestyk

      Elmore Leonard

    4. 15

      The Hunted

      Elmore Leonard

    5. 18


      Elmore Leonard

    6. 20

      Gold Coast

      Elmore Leonard

    7. 21

      Split Images

      Elmore Leonard

    8. 22

      Cat Chaser

      Elmore Leonard

    9. 24


      Elmore Leonard

    10. 25

      Dutch Treat

      Elmore Leonard

    11. 26


      Elmore Leonard

    12. 27


      Elmore Leonard

    13. 28


      Elmore Leonard

    14. 29

      Freaky Deaky

      Elmore Leonard

    15. 30


      Elmore Leonard

    16. 32


      Elmore Leonard

    17. 33

      Maximum Bob

      Elmore Leonard

    18. 38

      Cuba Libre

      Elmore Leonard

    19. 40

      Pagan Babies

      Elmore Leonard

    20. 45

      Mr. Paradise

      Elmore Leonard

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    • What is the best order to read the Elmore Leonard books?

      The author Elmore Leonard has published multiple bestsellers, and to fully appreciate the depth of his writing, it's recommended to read his books in the order they were published. This way you can follow the evolution of Leonard's storytelling techniques and character development.

    • I want to quickly add Elmore Leonard's novels to my wishlist. Is there a quick method for this?

      Yes, there is a "wishlist quick add" feature on most online bookstores. Simply search for "Elmore Leonard's" novels and click on the "add to wishlist" button. This will automatically save the books to your wishlist, making it easy to buy order them when you're ready.

    • I’m new to Leonard’s work. Which book should I start reading?

      Many fans and critics alike recommend starting with Leonard's hit western novel, "Hombre." Not only is it a highly rated book, with an avg rating of 4.1 out of 5 on Amazon, but it also showcases Leonard's unique narrative style. After "Hombre", you can proceed by reading his books in the order of their publication.

    • How can I find the order of Elmore Leonard's books?

      Visit an online bookstore such as Amazon Elmore Leonard's author page will have a complete list of his works. Look for the "published details" to learn the chronological order of Leonard's novels. Alternatively, you can look up a list of his works on Leonard's official website or dedicated fan sites.

    • I'd like to buy Leonard's books as a gift but I'm unsure of the order of his novels. Can you help?

      Absolutely! The first book Leonard published was "The Bounty Hunters", a western story, in 1953. From there, he authored a series of western novels including "Three-Ten to Yuma" and other stories (1956) and "The Law at Randado" (1955) to name a few, before switching to crime fiction and suspense thrillers. Consider adding a gift card to your purchase, so the recipient can choose their preferred reading order or buy additional books by Leonard.

    • Can you tell me more about the cover designs of Leonard's books?

      The book covers of Leonard's novels often reflect the mood and genre of the stories. His crime novels, for instance, often have dark or moody cover art, while his westerns might feature an iconic image from the old west. Some versions of Leonard's books also feature artwork inspired by the era in which the book was written or set.

    • I'm searching for a specific Elmore Leonard book but can't remember the title. Can I find it in a list of his books in order?

      Sure, you can find the title published details by searching Leonard's bibliography online. There, you can see a list of all of his books in the order they were published, even if you don't remember the exact title. You can easily locate the book if you remember something about the plot, the man characters such as Harry or John, or even the year it was published.

    • What's the quickest way to find a list of Leonard's Western novels in order?

      Search for "Elmore Leonard westerns" online and you should easily find a list of his western stories, including his bestselling western novels like "Hombre" and "Valdez Is Coming." These lists often also include the publication order, so you can choose the order that suits your reading preferences.

    • I'm a fan of Leonard's crime novels. Can I find all of his crime books in order somewhere?

      Absolutely! Leonard's crime stories are some of his bestsellers, with titles like "Get Shorty" and "Out of Sight." These books, along with many others, can be found on Leonard's Amazon author page, where they are listed in the order of their Kindle publication. You can add these Leonard books to your wishlist for a quick and easy future purchase.