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Edgar Allan Poe Books in Order (73 Book Series)

A Few Words on Secret WritingA Descent into the MaelstromA Predicament

Edgar Allan Poe has written a series of 73 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 73 books
    1. 4


      Edgar Allan Poe

    2. 6


      Edgar Allan Poe

    3. 7

      King Pest

      Edgar Allan Poe

    4. 8


      Edgar Allan Poe

    5. 9


      Edgar Allan Poe

    6. 13

      A Predicament

      Edgar Allan Poe

    7. 14


      Edgar Allan Poe

    8. 17

      William Wilson

      Edgar Allan Poe

    9. 25


      Edgar Allan Poe

    10. 30


      Edgar Allan Poe

    11. 31

      The Black Cat

      Edgar Allan Poe

    12. 32

      The Gold-Bug

      Edgar Allan Poe

    13. 40

      The Oblong Box

      Edgar Allan Poe

    14. 42

      The Spectacles

      Edgar Allan Poe

    15. 51

      The Raven

      Edgar Allan Poe

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    • Where can I find a list of Edgar Allan Poe books in order?

      If you are a fan of horror stories and tales of the eerie, then Poe's works are a great choice. His books are usually listed chronologically on most author's archives.

    • What is the order of Edgar Allan Poe's book series?

      Well, Edgar Allan Poe’s books aren’t exactly a series like the "zombie twilight" or "twilight quadrilogy". Poe is known for his short horror stories, which have been collected into various volumes throughout the years. The tales are generally published individually rather than as a series.

    • Is there a collection of Edgar Allan Poe's works that I can add to my book wishlist quickly?

      Absolutely! "The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe" is a comprehensive collection of Poe's tales, poems, and essays. This hardcover edition makes for a quick add to your wishlist.

    • I am an author who is a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe's fiction. Are there any graphic novels based on his works?

      Yes, plenty! Edgar Allan Poe's tales have been adapted into many graphic novels. The "Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Mystery and Madness" is a great example. It is a collection of four of Poe's short stories, illustrated by renowned artist Gris Grimly.

    • Are Edgar Allan Poe's books suitable for all ages?

      It varies from book to book, but most of Poe's tales contain elements of horror and fantasy which might not be suitable for younger readers. However, there are some volumes of his work that are more general fiction and might suit a wider range of ages.

    • How can I find reviews for Edgar Allan Poe's books?

      Reviews for Poe's books can be found on most online bookselling sites, such as Amazon. You can also check Goodreads for reader reviews and an avg rating for each book.

    • Can I read Edgar Allan Poe's books on Kindle?

      Absolutely! Many of Poe's books are available on Kindle, including his volumes of short horror stories and tales of fantasy.

    • Are there any recently published Edgar Allan Poe books that I should be aware of?

      As an author who lived in the 19th century, Edgar Allan Poe's works have been published and republished many times. While there aren't any newly written books by Poe, there are constantly new editions and collections being released. For example, a new edition of his classic, "The Tell-Tale Heart" was published in April.

    • Can you recommend any books that contain a collection of Edgar Allan Poe's tales?

      Yes, a great choice would be "Edgar Allan Poe: Complete Tales and Poems". This book includes all of Poe's short stories and his well-known poems. Another option would be the "Edgar Allan Poe Graphic Novel Collection", which contains graphic adaptations of his most famous tales. But remember, each book of Poe's tales is a journey into the mysterious and the macabre, so prepare yourself for a chilling reading experience!