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Cathy Glass Books in Order (39 Book Series)

A Family Torn ApartA Baby’s CryA Life Lost

Cathy Glass has written a series of 39 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I've heard a lot about the author Cathy Glass. How many books has Cathy Glass written, and in what order should they be read?

      The author Cathy Glass has penned numerous compelling books, each one a unique window into her experiences with the foster care system. To enjoy the full scope of her work, it's best to read them in the order they were published. Her books' chronology starts with "Damaged", then "Hidden", "The Saddest Girl in the World", "Happy Kids", and so on.

    • I've read a few Cathy Glass books before, but I'd like to explore her entire bibliography. Is there a specific order I should follow?

      Yes, there is a specific order that can enhance your reading experience of Cathy Glass's books. Starting with "Damaged", you can then proceed to "Hidden", followed by "The Saddest Girl in the World", then "Happy Kids", "The Girl in the Mirror", and continue in this sequence. Make sure to check the publication dates to ensure you've got the order right.

    • I'm intrigued by the variety of Cathy Glass books. I'm wondering if all her books are based on true stories, or if she has written any fiction?

      Cathy Glass is known for her deeply engaging true stories drawn from her experiences in the foster care system. However, she has also branched into general fiction. A notable example of her fiction work is "Innocent", a gripping short story.

    • What's the best way to reply to authors like Cathy Glass if I enjoyed their book?

      Many readers who enjoy a book often leave reviews in order to reply to the author. You can rate the book, leave a review, or even write a letter to the author Cathy Glass expressing your thoughts about her work. It's always wonderful for authors to hear feedback from their readers.

    • I'm a fan of fiction books. Are there any fiction books by Cathy Glass that you'd recommend?

      If you're a fan of fiction, Cathy Glass offers a captivating array of stories. You might enjoy "The Innocent Part" and "The Cry Part". These are not just mere fiction but are inspired by real-life experiences which add authenticity to the story.

    • How can I be sure that the Cathy Glass book I'm planning to buy is genuine?

      To ensure you're buying a genuine book by bestselling author Cathy Glass, always check the book's description, avg rating, and reviews online before placing your copies order. You can buy her books in either paperback or Kindle format from reputable bookstores or online platforms.

    • I'd like to understand the themes that Cathy Glass explores in her books. Could you give me an overview?

      Cathy Glass's books often tackle intense, real-life issues faced by children under the care system. Some recurring themes include the vulnerability and innocence of children, as seen in the "Baby Part" of her stories, and the resilience of these children, demonstrated in the "Princess Part" and "Jodie Part" of her books. She also delves into the emotions of mothers in the "Mummy Part" and "Dawn Part".

    • Are there any recurring characters in Cathy Glass's books?

      Yes, some characters reappear across several books. These include children such as Tayo, Jodie, and Dawn, as well as various mothers and care workers. These recurrent characters help to establish continuity and depth across Cathy Glass's body of work.

    • Is there a Cathy Glass book that has a happy ending?

      Many of Cathy Glass's books aim to deliver a message of hope amidst adversity. In "Happy Adults", a book about the foster care system, she shares how happiness can be achieved even in testing circumstances. This theme of resilience and optimism recurs in many of her books, providing a satisfying resolution for readers.