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Raymond E Feist Books in Order (36 Book Series)

A Darkness at SethanonA Crown ImperiledA Kingdom Besieged

Raymond E Feist is a series of 36 books written by 4 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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      Raymond E. Feist

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    • What is the Riftwar Cycle and how is it connected to author Raymond and his books?

      The Riftwar Cycle is a series of fantasy novels written by author Raymond E. Feist. The cycle consists of several sub-series, such as the Riftwar Saga, Serpentwar Saga, Darkwar Saga, and Chaoswar Saga, among others. These books are set in the magical world of Midkemia and follow the adventures of various characters, including Prince Arutha and the magician Pug.

    • Can you tell me the order in which I should read the Raymond E Feist books for a better understanding of the series?

      To read the Raymond E Feist books in order, it's best to start with the Riftwar Saga, which begins with the book "Magician." From there, you can continue with the Empire Trilogy, followed by the Serpentwar Saga, Riftwar Legacy, Conclave of Shadows, Darkwar Saga, Demonwar Saga, and finally the Chaoswar Saga.

    • I've heard a lot about the Darkwar Saga and Chaoswar Saga. Can you tell me more about these series and their connection to the Riftwar Cycle?

      The Darkwar Saga and Chaoswar Saga are both sub-series within the larger Riftwar Cycle. The Darkwar Saga consists of three books - Flight of the Nighthawks, Into a Dark Realm, and Wrath of a Mad God. The Chaoswar Saga also contains three books - A Kingdom Besieged, A Crown Imperiled, and Magician's End. Both series, along with the other sub-series, are set in the same fictional universe created by Raymond E. Feist and follow the continuing adventures of beloved characters.

    • In the Riftwar Saga, Krondor plays a significant role. How does it connect with other books in the series?

      Krondor is a city in Midkemia, the fictional world where the Riftwar Saga and other sub-series written by Raymond E. Feist are set. It often serves as a central hub for many of the characters and events throughout the series. Krondor is also the setting for the Riftwar Legacy sub-series, which focuses on the adventures of several characters, including Squire James and Prince Arutha.

    • I would like to read Feist's books in publication order, but I'm not sure where to start. Can you help?

      To read Feist's books in publication order, start with his first novel, "Magician," which was published in 1982. This book is part of the Riftwar Saga, the first sub-series within the larger Riftwar Cycle. Following "Magician," continue with the rest of the Riftwar Saga, then proceed to the Empire Trilogy, Serpentwar Saga, Riftwar Legacy, Conclave of Shadows, Darkwar Saga, Demonwar Saga, and Chaoswar Saga in their respective publication order.

    • What are some of the most popular novels written by author Raymond E. Feist, and where can I find ratings and reviews for them?

      Some of the most popular novels by Raymond E. Feist include "Magician," "Silverthorn," and "A Darkness at Sethanon" from the Riftwar Saga, as well as "Daughter of the Empire," "Servant of the Empire," and "Mistress of the Empire" from the Empire Trilogy. You can find ratings and reviews for these books on websites like Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

    • Is it possible to read the Raymond E. Feist books on my Kindle, and where can I find copies of these novels?

      Yes, many of Raymond E. Feist's books are available in Kindle format, making it convenient for you to read on your device. You can find digital copies of his novels on the Amazon Kindle store, while physical copies can be found at bookstores or online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and HarperCollins Publishers.

    • If I want to read Raymond E. Feist's books in a specific sub-series, like the Riftwar Saga, do I need to read the other series first, or can I start with any sub-series?

      While it is recommended to read the entire Riftwar Cycle in order for a complete understanding of the storylines and character arcs, it is possible to enjoy each sub-series independently. However, starting with the Riftwar Saga and reading through the series in order will provide the most comprehensive reading experience.