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Raymond E Feist Books in Order (36 Book Series)

A Darkness at SethanonA Crown ImperiledA Kingdom Besieged

Raymond E Feist is a series of 36 books written by 4 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 36 books
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      Faerie Tale

      Faerie Tale

      Raymond E. Feist



    • Can you provide a list of Raymond E Feist books in order?

      Yes, for fans looking to embark on a journey through the magical worlds created by Raymond E Feist, we have compiled a list in the order they were published. This will ensure a seamless reading experience, allowing you to follow the chronological storyline and character developments.

    • Who is Raymond E Feist as an author, and what kind of books does he write?

      As a prolific author, Raymond E Feist is known for his intricate fantasy novels, full of rich storytelling and elements of magic. He is best recognized for his Riftwar Cycle series, which has entranced readers of the fantasy genre.

    • How many series has Raymond E written and what are they?

      Raymond E has penned several series that build up the Riftwar Universe. Notable among these are The Riftwar Saga, The Empire Trilogy, Krondor's Sons, The Serpentwar Saga, The Riftwar Legacy, Conclave of Shadows, The Darkwar Saga, The Demonwar Saga, The Chaoswar Saga, and several standalone novels that complement this epic collection.

    • I am new to Raymond Feist's work, where should I start?

      For newcomers to Feist's expansive universe, starting with his debut book, "Magician", is recommended. It introduces readers to the fantasy world he has created and is the first novel in the much-celebrated Riftwar Saga.

    • Are there any signed editions of Raymond E Feist's books available?

      While Most Recommended Books does not sell books directly, we provide links to where you might find editions of his books on Amazon, including any signed copies that may be offered from time to time. Be sure to check back frequently for updates, as signed editions can be quite the collectible item!

    • When is the best time of year to start a new book series, such as those by Feist?

      There is no specific time that's best to start a new series; it's whenever you feel the call of adventure! That said, some readers prefer to start new journeys with their fiction reads during the summer (Jul) months when they have vacation time or in the spring (Apr) when the world is renewing—symbolic for starting a new epic tale.

    • What elements of Feist's novels tend to captivate readers the most?

      Feist's novels are particularly captivating due to their intricate plotting, detailed world-building, and the use of magic as a central element. These aspects are carefully woven together to craft stories that resonate with fans of epic and high fantasy.