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Bruno, Chief of Police Books in Order (21 Book Series)

A Market TaleA Birthday LunchA Taste for Vengeance

Bruno, Chief of Police is a series of 21 books written by Martin Walker. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is the author of the Bruno Chief of Police book series?

      The author of the Bruno Chief of Police series is none other than Martin Walker, a name synonymous with mystery, romance, and excellent story-telling.

    • Can you tell me about the police in the Bruno Chief of Police books?

      Sure, Bruno is the police chief in the small town of St. Denis in the Dordogne region. He's a beloved figure who solves the many mysteries that seem to plague the town while maintaining an irresistible charm and a penchant for romance.

    • What's the order of reading the books in the Bruno Chief of Police series?

      To get the complete Bruno experience, it's best to start with "Bruno, Chief of Police" as the first book. From there, Walker narrated a flow of mystery and romance that moves from "The Dark Vineyard" to "Black Diamond" and so on. Don't worry if the list failed you before, the menu shelve on any online bookstore like Amazon view should have you covered.

    • Is Martin Walker the only author who writes about police mysteries?

      No, there are many authors who write about police mysteries. Donna Leon and Ian Mackenzie are among the other popular authors in this fiction genre. Each author brings a unique spin to the police mystery concept, making it intriguing for their readers.

    • How do the Bruno Chief of Police books rate compared to others in the mystery genre?

      The Bruno Chief of Police series has a high shelf rate among fans of the mystery genre. The blend of Dordogne charm, police work, mystery, and a hint of romance has made Bruno a popular character among mystery readers and helped the series to stand out.

    • I tried to add the Bruno Chief of Police books to my cart but it failed, what might be the problem?

      The ‘cart failed’ notification generally appears due to a technical issue. You can try refreshing the page or adding the books individually. If this doesn't work, try to wishlist the books if possible, but if your 'wishlist failed' as well, it might be best to contact customer service.

    • Could you help me with the details to buy and read the Bruno Chief of Police books online?

      Of course! You can buy all the Bruno Chief of Police books online. Once you select the book you want to buy, you can click on 'view details' to see more about the book. After verifying the information, click on 'add to cart'. If you face any issue, an ‘add to cart failed’ message may appear, in which case you can try again or contact the website's help center.

    • How do Martin Walker’s Bruno Chief of Police books compare to author Robert’s police series?

      The Bruno Chief of Police series is unique in many ways, with a heavy emphasis on the local culture and charm of the Dordogne. While Author Robert's series also focuses on police work and mystery, the style is different. Both series have their strong points and offer a captivating reading experience.

    • Could you tell me more about the plot of the Bruno Chief of Police series?

      The Bruno Chief of Police novels revolve around Bruno, the police chief of St. Denis. He isn't just an ordinary police officer, he's a captivating character with a love for good food, his town, and solving mysteries. Each book in the series showcases a different mystery that Bruno has to solve. But it's not just about crime, the series also explores Bruno's personal life and his romantic interests, making it a delightful mix of mystery and romance.