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Bob Skinner Books in Order (34 Book Series)

A Rush of BloodA Brush with DeathAftershock

Bob Skinner is a series of 34 books written by Quintin Jardine. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 34 books


    • What is the correct order of the bob skinner series including all the novels?

      To experience the thrilling adventures of Bob Skinner in the way the story unfolds, it's best to read the books in their publication order. You can find the complete list and order of the books by visiting the appropriate section on our site, from where you can add them to your cart or kindle with just a few clicks. Our site also features the gripping tales of Alex, a character you might enjoy as well.

    • Who is the quintin jardine author of the bob skinner book series?

      Quintin Jardine is the author of the well-acclaimed bob skinner book series. He has penned numerous novels featuring the iconic Edinburgh detective, crafting tales full of mystery and intrigue. Fans of Bob Skinner appreciate the consistency and depth Quintin Jardine brings to each book in the series.

    • How can I find the newest book in the bob skinner series order?

      To keep up with the latest additions to the bob skinner series, consider subscribing to our newsletter. We routinely feature top fiction releases and will inform you when a new bob skinner book is available, so you can promptly add it to your collection.

    • Can I find other genres by the same author, quintin jardine, on your site's menu?

      Absolutely! Aside from the bob skinner novels, Quintin Jardine has written other engaging series including Primavera Blackstone and Oz Blackstone. You can explore genres ranging from mystery and crime to romance and fantasy in Jardine's extensive works, all accessible through our menu.

    • What different formats of bob skinner books are available on Most Recommended Books and how can I order them?

      On our site, you can find bob skinner books in various formats to suit your reading style, including hardcover, paperback, and for digital readers, kindle editions. Simply shop for the format that fits your preference and order your desired books with ease.

    • Is there any additional content in the series involving Bob Skinner's personal life?

      Yes, along with intriguing cases of murder and justice, Quintin Jardine also delves into Bob's personal life, providing a depth to the character that goes beyond his professional life. This balance adds a compelling dimension of reality to the fiction series.

    • Are there any novels that focus on Bob Skinner's history before his career in law enforcement?

      Quintin Jardine's novels primarily focus on Bob's career and life as an authority figure in Edinburgh. However, throughout the series, there are insights into his past that add to the character's development. For those seeking a compelling story that intricately blends elements of crime, death, life, and occasionally, romance, the bob skinner series is a top recommendation.