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9 Best Linwood Barclay Books of All Time

Our goal: Find the best Linwood Barclay books according to the internet (not just one random person's opinion).

    Here's what we did:
  1. Type "best linwood barclay books" into our search engine and study the top 3+ pages.
  2. Add only the books mentioned 2+ times.
  3. Rank the results neatly for you here! 😊
    (It was a lot of work. But hey! That's why we're here, right?)

(Updated 2023)

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    Find You First

    A Novel

    Linwood Barclay

  4. 5

    The Accident

    A Thriller

    Linwood Barclay

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  • Can you recommend some good Linwood Barclay books that I should read?

    If you're after a novel that will take your breath away, you cannot go wrong with Linwood Barclay. His books are a blend of thrilling suspense and compelling storytelling that will keep you on the edge of your seat. For an open introduction to his works, you might start with "No Time For Goodbye", "Fear the Worst", or "Too Close to Home". All these novels have received a high rating from readers and critics alike. Remember to keep a book clear and handy for taking notes - you'll want to remember the twists and turns!

  • What is the story behind Linwood Barclay's books?

    Linwood Barclay, originally a journalist from the United States, later ventured into the world of fiction, penning novels that would take your breath away. His books are usually set in small-town America, and they often involve ordinary people caught up in extraordinary circumstances. The author's knack for creating suspense and his ability to craft memorable characters have earned him a dedicated fan base. So, if you're ready for a book refresh, be sure to add a Barclay novel to your reading list!

  • Can I reach out to Linwood Barclay on Twitter for a reply?

    Yes, Linwood Barclay has a Twitter account @linwood_barclay where he engages with his readers. He's posted updates about his ongoing projects, series development, and even book trailers. Talk about trailer loading excitement! But remember, popular authors like Linwood Barclay may receive numerous messages daily, so be patient about getting a reply.

  • I'm a new reader, what should I look for in Linwood Barclay's novels?

    Welcome aboard! Linwood Barclay's novels are best known for their suspenseful plots and relatable characters. These elements, along with his knack for creating breath-taking twists and turns, make his novels a must-read. For a good intro, go through a book trailer or two, which should give you a feel of what to expect.

  • How can I keep updated about new releases from Linwood Barclay?

    You can keep an eye out for a "barclay loading" announcement on his website or Twitter. Bookstores, especially those under the Penguin Random House (where Linwood Barclay is published), also make announcements about new releases. Alternatively, you could sign up for book refresh newsletters from various online platforms. These often provide info about new books, series, and even the best book trailers.

  • Is there a specific order I should follow when reading Barclay's books?

    Linwood Barclay has both standalone novels and series. If you're reading a series, it's best to start with the first book, as the story, characters, and plot twists evolve with each subsequent novel. Some of his well-known series include the Promise Falls trilogy and the Zack Walker series.

  • How long are Linwood Barclay's novels typically?

    The length of Linwood Barclay's novels varies but they're typically around 400 to 500 pages long. But don't let the length intimidate you! Once you open one, you'll find it hard to close. The story is so gripping that you may find yourself saving time to read just one more chapter.

  • How do I ensure I'm getting the best reading experience of Barclay's novels?

    For the best experience, ensure you have good lighting, a quiet environment, and ample time to immerse yourself in Barclay's thrilling stories. Consider using a bookmark to keep your place, and a book clear to jot down your thoughts as you read. After all, you wouldn’t want to interrupt your read saving a particularly interesting page or twist.

  • I have finished all the Linwood Barclay books, what now?

    After reading all of Linwood Barclay's novels, you might feel like you've reached a book end, but don't worry! You can always revisit your favourites, or look into authors with a similar writing style. You might also want to explore the author's short stories. And of course, keep an eye on Barclay's website and Twitter for announcements about new releases. The thrill of a new Barclay novel is always worth the wait!

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