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Vaseem Khan Books in Order (13 Book Series)


Vaseem Khan has written a series of 13 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 13 books
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    13 books in this series

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    • Who is Vaseem Khan and what is his relation to books?

      Vaseem Khan is an acclaimed author known for his intricate storytelling and vivid portrayals of India. He has penned several books, most notably the Baby Ganesh Detective Agency series, that have delighted readers worldwide.

    • Can you tell me about the series authored by Vaseem Khan?

      Indeed! Khan's series revolves around Inspector Ashwin Chopra, a diligent and astute crime investigator in Bombay, India. The series mixes crime, thriller, and a touch of romance, with the unique addition of a baby elephant as the inspector's sidekick.

    • I heard about a baby in Vaseem Khan's book. Can you shed a light on that?

      Yes, that's an interesting highlight. In his series, the Inspector Chopra books, Chopra inherits a baby elephant. This unusual but endearing twist adds a layer of charm and humor to the otherwise intense crime narrative.

    • How can I find the order of Vaseem Khan's books to read them in sequence?

      You can refer to a list of his books in order of publication or series order. If the list failed to load, you could always try a different source. Many outlets, such as Waterstones, maintain a comprehensive list of an author's books.

    • I see. And what different formats are available for Vaseem Khan's books?

      Khan's books are available in various forms - hardcover, paperback, and even Kindle editions. You can choose as per your preference. Do remember to click 'basket add' after picking your desired format.

    • I want to purchase a Vaseem Khan book online. How can I do that?

      That's simple! You just have to select the book you want to purchase, pick the format (hardcover, paperback, or Kindle), and then click 'basket add.' After that, you can proceed to 'basket view' for checkout.

    • Are there any audio versions of these books, narrated by Vaseem Khan?

      Not all, but some of Khan's books, particularly the Inspector Chopra series, have been narrated by Khan himself. You can find them in the form of podcasts. Unfortunately, some attempts to get the podcast failed due to technical glitches but they're generally accessible.

    • How are the author's books rated by readers?

      Most of Vaseem Khan's books have received positive feedback from readers. The rating of each book can be seen next to it. Most of them have a high rating, usually around 4 to 4.5 stars, which is a testament to the author's writing prowess.

    • What can I expect from Vaseem Khan's writing, particularly in the context of India?

      Vaseem Khan's writing vividly captures the spirit and essence of India, particularly Bombay, in his books. Be it crime, thriller, or romance, he intertwines these genres with the social, cultural, and political tapestry of India, making for an intriguing read.