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Tahereh Mafi Books in Order (17 Book Series)

An Emotion of Great DelightA Very Large Expanse of SeaBelieve Me

Tahereh Mafi has written a series of 17 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is the author Tahereh Mafi and what series books has she written?

      Tahereh Mafi is the author of several successful series of books, but she's renowned for her 'Shatter Me' series. This popular adult fiction series has captured the hearts of many readers with its unique blend of romance, fantasy, and dystopian themes. In order to fully enjoy the 'Shatter Me' series, it's recommended to read the series in order, starting with the eponymous debut novel 'Shatter Me'.

    • Can you provide a review of the 'Shatter Me' series' text and speechify its unique elements?

      The 'Shatter Me' series, authored by Tahereh Mafi, is a riveting story that centers around Juliette, a young girl with a deadly touch. The series is set in a dystopian world controlled by the Reestablishment. It's a gripping blend of romance, fantasy, and dystopian themes. The text is beautifully written, filled with lyricism and emotion that draws readers into Juliette's world. The series' speechify, or dialogues, are engaging and often poignant, adding depth to the characters and the story.

    • How can I get my hands on the Tahereh Mafi books, specifically the 'Shatter Me' series?

      You can buy Tahereh Mafi's books from various platforms. Online retailers such as Amazon offer the full series for purchase, including the Kindle publication for e-readers. You may also check out your local bookstore or make an org purchase from various organizations selling her novels.

    • What order should the 'Shatter Me' series books be read in?

      The 'Shatter Me' series books should be read in the following order: 'Shatter Me', 'Unravel Me', 'Ignite Me', 'Restore Me', 'Defy Me', and 'Imagine Me'. Alongside these novels, Mafi also wrote novellas which further explore the 'Shatter Me' world. These novellas should be read in their publication order, which is 'Destroy Me', 'Fracture Me', and 'Shadow Me'.

    • I'm an audiobooks person. Can I enjoy the 'Shatter Me' series in this format?

      Absolutely! Each book in the 'Shatter Me' series is available in audiobook format. Whether you’re in the car, cooking dinner, or at the gym, you can immerse yourself in Juliette's world.

    • How to keep track of what I've read and what I need to read next in the 'Shatter Me' series?

      You can use a book tracking tool, like Goodreads. You can add the 'Shatter Me' series book you've finished reading, 'shelf rate' it based on your liking, and then 'menu shelve' the next book you plan on reading. This way, you can easily keep track of your reading progress.

    • Can I discuss or review the 'Shatter Me' series with other readers?

      Absolutely! There are many online forums and book clubs where you can have a spoilery chat about the 'Shatter Me' series. Just make sure to mark your comments as spoilers to not ruin the reading experience for others.

    • How will I know about Tahereh Mafi's new book releases?

      You can follow the author Tahereh Mafi on her social media platforms or check her official website regularly for updates. Online book sellers also usually feature new and upcoming releases for popular authors.

    • I'm halfway through the 'Shatter Me' series and I absolutely love it. What can I expect from the rest of the books?

      The 'Shatter Me' series continues to delve deeper into Juliette's story, her struggle against the Reestablishment, and her complex relationships with Warner and Adam. Expect more action, romance, and plot twists as the series progresses. The novellas will also provide further insight into other characters' perspectives, enriching your understanding of the 'Shatter Me' world. Happy reading!