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Susanna Kearsley Books in Order (15 Book Series)

BellewetherA Desperate FortuneEvery Secret Thing

Susanna Kearsley has written a series of 15 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is Susanna Kearsley and what kind of books does she write?

      Susanna Kearsley is a prolific author known for her engaging novels that often fuse elements of historical, romance, mystery, and fiction genres. Susanna's works are renowned for their rich narratives and intricate plot lines, often journeying through time and space.

    • What book series has she authored?

      Susanna has authored several standalone novels, but she's also known for her Slains series. This series is a brilliant blend of historical fiction and mystery, with a touch of romance, showcasing her talent for weaving different genres into compelling narratives.

    • What is the order of Susanna Kearsley's books?

      Susanna Kearsley's books were not necessarily published in a series order, but for a comprehensive book refresh, you can refer to her publisher's list. Some of her earliest works include "Mariana" and "The Splendour Falls". She then wrote the Slains series, starting with "The Winter Sea" followed by "The Firebird".

    • As a fan of her novels, where can I find a concise list of all her books in order?

      For a quick book clear and efficient read saving, you can visit Susanna's official site. It provides a detailed list of all her novels in the order of publication. The site also features her FAQs blog where fans can find more information about her works.

    • What are the formats in which Kearsley's books are available?

      Kearsley's books are available in a variety of formats to suit different reading preferences. You can find her works in hardcover, paperback, and even on Kindle.

    • How is the quality of her published books?

      Susanna's books are published by Sourcebooks Landmark, a reputable publisher known for the exceptional quality of their books. Whether in hardcover or paperback, you can expect a high-quality reading experience.

    • Are there any other authors like Susanna Kearsley?

      Though Susanna Kearsley has a distinct style, if you enjoy her blend of historical fiction, romance, and mystery, you might want to explore other authors like Anna Lee Huber, or even Hoover Colleen. Their novels also provide a similar multi-genre experience.

    • How well-received are Susanna's novels by readers?

      Many of Susanna's novels have been highly acclaimed by readers, often earning four to five stars from numerous reviews. This speaks volumes about the quality of her work and her skill as an author.

    • What are some recent books by this author?

      Some of the most recent books by this author include "Bellewether" and "The Deadly Hours". These novels continue to showcase Susanna's talent for crafting compelling historical fiction mysteries with elements of romance, proving her continued mastery in the field.