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Susan Wiggs Books in Order (69 Book Series)


Susan Wiggs has written a series of 69 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 69 books
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    69 books in this series

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    • I've heard a lot about Susan Wiggs books and her romance novels. Can you tell me more about them?

      Absolutely! Susan Wiggs is a New York Times Bestselling Author known for her contemporary and historical romance novels. She has a wide range of stories, covering both contemporary settings and historical events, such as the Chicago Fire. The common thread across all her books is the romance and love that's woven into each story.

    • I'm a fan of trilogies. Are there any in Susan Wiggs's collection of books?

      Yes, indeed! One of her popular trilogies is the "Rose Trilogy". This historical romance series will surely keep you hooked from the first book to the last. For a complete Susan Wiggs books view, you can visit Amazon Susan.

    • How can I find the publication order of Susan Wiggs books?

      The best way to find the publication order of Susan Wiggs books is to look at the published details provided on the book listing. The title published and author Susan would be clearly mentioned there. Alternatively, a quick search on Amazon or a dedicated author website can provide you with the publication order.

    • Are all of her novels pure romance or does she draw from other genres as well?

      While romance is central to all of her stories, Susan Wiggs's novels also delve into other genres. This makes her stories a beautiful blend of love, history, and fiction. Her contemporary romance novels are often set against interesting backdrops, and her historical romance novels bring the past to life with a romantic twist.

    • Where would you recommend to buy order Susan Wiggs books?

      The best place to buy order Susan Wiggs books is Amazon, where you can find both Kindle and paperback editions. The site has a comprehensive list of her books, complete with avg rating, publication details, and a synopsis for each title.

    • I'm a movie buff. Are there any adaptations of her books into movies?

      As of now, there are no direct movie adaptations of Susan Wiggs's novels. However, her rich storytelling, full of romance and intriguing narratives, would surely make for great cinema. Until then, we can continue to enjoy reading her books and let our imaginations create the movie!

    • Is it crucial to read her books in order or can I pick up any novel that interests me?

      While some of her books are part of a trilogy or series where reading in order can enhance the experience, many of her stand-alone novels can be enjoyed individually. So if a particular story or period in history interests you, feel free to dive right in!

    • Are there any particular books of hers that I shouldn't miss?

      Every reader has their favorites, but "The Apple Orchard", a tale of love, family secrets, and the historic events of the Chicago Fire, is one not to miss. It beautifully showcases her talent for historical romance. Plus, the avg rating for this book is quite impressive!

    • I'm looking for some light reading. Are her books heavy on romance or do they have other elements as well?

      While love and romance are key elements in her stories, Susan Wiggs's books are much more than just romantic tales. They explore themes of family, friendship, self-discovery, and sometimes even mystery. The blend of romance and fiction, against both contemporary and historical backdrops, ensures that there's a little something for every reader. So click on a title and start reading!