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Susan Stoker Books in Order (92 Book Series)


Susan Stoker has written a series of 92 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 92 books
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    92 books in this series

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    • Who is the author of the books I'm looking into?

      The author you're referring to is author Susan Stoker, a renowned romance author who specializes in novels featuring alpha male characters.

    • What is the order of the books I should follow?

      The reading order of Susan Stoker's books starts with "Protecting Caroline," followed by "Protecting Alabama," and then "Protecting Fiona." These are part of the "SEAL of Protection" series. To complete your reading experience, you should follow the published details of the title published for each book.

    • Do her books have a specific theme or genre?

      Yes, the novels by author Susan Stoker mostly belong to adult romance or romantic suspense genres. The alpha male characters in her books usually embark on rescuing, shielding, and protecting missions.

    • Can you tell me about her short story works?

      Certainly, apart from her full-length novels, author Susan Stoker has also penned a short story titled "Outback Hearts" as part of her "Beyond Reality" series. This title was a Kindle publication and you can read the title on any Kindle device.

    • How do the books by this author fare in terms of rating?

      Several of Susan Stoker's books have a high avg rating on Goodreads, a popular book review platform. She is a Goodreads author and her works, especially the "SEAL of Protection" series, have been well-received by readers.

    • What are some other series penned by this author?

      Susan Stoker has written several other series such as "Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes" starting with "Justice for Mackenzie," "Delta Force Heroes" starting with "Rescuing Rayne," "Ace Security" starting with "Claiming Grace," and "Mountain Mercenaries" starting with "Defending Allye." Each series embodies the themes of finding justice, securing safety, and searching for love.

    • I'm looking for a complete book list of this author. Can you help?

      Yes, you can find a complete list of Susan Stoker's books, including the publication order on her official website or on book review platforms. They have all the published details including the kindle protecting series, the rescuing series, and the deserving series.

    • Can you tell me about her "SEAL of Protection: Legacy" series?

      The "SEAL of Protection: Legacy" series by author Susan Stoker is a continuation of her original "SEAL of Protection" series. The first book, "Securing Caite," was a Kindle publication. The series focuses on shelter and protection themes and has been a hit among romance readers.

    • Are there any standout books by this author?

      The "Justice for Mackenzie" and "Protecting Summer" books have particularly high ratings among Susan Stoker's works. Her romantic suspense books, especially those with the theme of searching for justice or love, have been lauded by readers for their engaging storytelling and well-developed characters.