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Susan Mallery Books in Order (198 Book Series)


Susan Mallery is a series of 198 books written by 5 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 198 books
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      Sunset Bay

      Susan Mallery

    2. 3

      First Mate

      Susan Mallery

    3. 9

      Cowboy Daddy

      Susan Mallery

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    • Who is the author Susan Mallery and what kinds of books does she write?

      Susan Mallery is a renowned author of contemporary romance novels. She has written over 150 novels, many of which have made it to the bestsellers list. Her work often features complex characters navigating love and life.

    • Can you tell me about Susan Mallery's romance series, and how many books are part of it?

      Of course! Author Susan Mallery has multiple romance series, including the popular Montana Mavericks and "Sheik" series. The Montana Mavericks series has many books, contributing significantly to the prolific author's career. The Sheik series, known for its exotic setting and passionate love stories, has a substantial number of books as well.

    • What is the suggested reading order for Susan Mallery's books?

      As for the reading order, fans often debate whether to read Susan Mallery's books chronologically by publication order or according to each series' internal continuity. Generally, it's suggested to follow the publication order, as Susan often revisits characters and storylines in later books. A comprehensive reading order view can be found on various book and author dedicated websites.

    • Are all of Susan Mallery's books romance novels?

      Yes, Susan Mallery primarily writes romance novels. However, her books are not just about love. They often tackle issues pertinent to women and their lives. She has also written some contemporary novels outside of her romance series.

    • What is the rating for Susan Mallery's books on Goodreads?

      Susan Mallery's books usually receive high ratings on Goodreads, reflecting her ability to engage readers with compelling characters and captivating love stories. Many of her books, particularly those in the Montana Mavericks and "Sheik" series, have received particularly strong ratings.

    • I heard Susan Mallery wrote a book set in the summer, is this true?

      Indeed! Susan Mallery has written several books with a summer theme, beautifully capturing the season's romance and warmth. You may want to check the complete list of her summer-themed books in either reading order or publication order.

    • Where can I buy Susan Mallery's books in order?

      You can easily buy Susan Mallery's books in order from a number of online retailers, such as Amazon, where you can also find the Kindle publication. Alternatively, you can visit your local bookstore and ask them to assist you in finding her books in order.

    • Can you tell me more about the Montana Mavericks series?

      Montana Mavericks is one of Susan Mallery's successful series. It's a contemporary romance collection that primarily focuses on love stories set against the rugged and romantic backdrop of Montana. Many of the books in this series have been part of the Harlequin's "Special Edition" and have been highly rated by readers.

    • Is there a complete list of Susan Mallery's books?

      Yes, there is a complete list of Susan Mallery's books. You can find this list on Susan's official website, Goodreads, or various other book-related websites. This list includes her popular romance series, standalone novels, and special edition books. For the ease of reading, they are typically listed in the order of their release.