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Susan Hill Books in Order (85 Book Series)

A Breach of SecurityA Bit of Singing and DancingA Change for the Better

Susan Hill has written a series of 85 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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      Susan Hill

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      Susan Hill

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    • Can you tell me something about the author Susan Hill?

      Susan Hill is an accomplished author known for her mystery and fiction novels. Her books cover a range of genres, but she's particularly known for her cozy mystery series.

    • I am a fan of mystery books. Can you tell me about Susan Hill's mystery series?

      Absolutely! Susan Hill's mystery series primarily revolves around the character of Simon Serrailler, a detective chief inspector in a fictional English town. The series in order includes books like "The Various Haunts of Men", "The Pure in Heart", and "The Risk of Darkness".

    • I am a fan of both Susan Hill and Dick King-Smith. Are there any similarities in their writing style or the genres they choose?

      While both Susan Hill and Dick King-Smith are popular authors, their choice of genres and writing styles are quite distinct. Dick King-Smith is renowned for his young characters and stories that often take a more youthful, light-hearted approach, while Susan Hill's books, particularly her mystery series, are more adult-oriented and explore deeper, more psychological themes.

    • As a young reader who enjoys Dick King-Smith's books, would Susan Hill's series be suitable for me?

      While both authors are brilliant, Susan Hill's series is a tad bit more mature and complex than Dick King-Smith's. Susan's novels involve intricate plot lines and characters that engage in deep psychological exploration. So, if you're a young reader who enjoys a good cozy mystery, you might find Susan Hill's books appealing. However, it would be good to review the book covers and the plot before you start to read.

    • How can I add Susan Hill's books to my Kindle publication?

      To add Susan Hill's books to your Kindle publication, you need to go to the online Amazon store. Once there, search for Susan Hill in the authors' section. From the menu shelve, you can easily add her books to your Kindle and begin to read.

    • Are there paperback versions available for Susan Hill's book series?

      Yes, paperback versions are available for all of Susan Hill's book series. You can add these to your shelf, rate them according to your preference and enjoy reading at your own pace.

    • I'm extremely impressed by Susan Hill's novels. Can you suggest other authors who write in a similar style?

      If you enjoy Susan Hill's style of writing cozy mystery novels, you may also like authors like Agatha Christie and Anne Perry who also weave intricate mystery plots. They are also highly rated authors who write compelling characters and plots that will keep you hooked.

    • If I loved Dick King-Smith's younger characters, would I enjoy Susan Hill's characters as well?

      While Susan Hill's novels are more mature in nature compared to the young characters of Dick King-Smith, her characters are well-rounded and her storytelling is compelling. You might find them different but equally enjoyable.

    • Can I review my reading experience of Susan Hill's series on Kindle?

      Absolutely! After you've read Susan Hill's series, it's a great idea to leave a review on the Kindle publication site. Not only does it help other readers, but it also gives the author feedback on their work.