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Star Trek Books in Order (55 Book Series)


Star Trek is a series of 55 books written by Various. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I'm new to Star Trek novels and I've heard the 'Typhon Pact' is a good place to start. What is the reading order for this series?

      The 'Typhon Pact' is indeed a great place to start your Star Trek reading journey! It's a series within the Star Trek litverse, consisting of eight books. The reading order is as follows: 'Zero Sum Game', 'Seize the Fire', 'Rough Beasts of Empire', 'Paths of Disharmony', 'The Struggle Within', 'Plagues of Night', 'Raise the Dawn', and 'Brinkmanship'. Remember to keep track of the story continuity as you read along.

    • I've found numerous Star Trek books in my local library. How do I know which book to start with?

      It's great that your local library carries Star Trek novels! Start with the original Star Trek series, specifically the book 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' by Gene Roddenberry. It's the first book in the Star Trek book series that follows the continuity of the films and TV series. You can then choose to follow the publication order or reading order to continue your journey in Star Trek's story-driven universe.

    • As an avid reader of Star Trek novels, I've encountered multiple lists suggesting different reading orders. Can you recommend a reliable Star Trek book list for reading order?

      Certainly! A highly recommended reading list is the 'Star Trek Reading Guide', which outlines the reading order for all Star Trek novels based on their story chronology. This list is updated regularly to include new releases and story continuity. Remember to check the reviews for each novel before you start reading!

    • Are there Star Trek novels written by more than one author?

      Absolutely! Star Trek novels are written by various authors. For example, the 'Typhon Pact' series you asked about earlier was written by multiple authors, including the notable David Mack. Do not worry about the continuity of the story as these authors meticulously follow the Star Trek litverse established by previous stories.

    • I noticed that some Star Trek book lists are organized by month, specifically October. Can you explain why?

      Indeed, some Star Trek reading lists organize novels by their publication month. October is significant because it often marks the release of new novels in the Star Trek series. Remember, whether you choose to read by publication order or story chronology is entirely up to you!

    • I'm a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG). Are there specific TNG novels I should add to my reading order?

      Certainly! Many TNG novels are intertwined with the story of Star Trek's larger universe. 'Imzadi' by Peter David is a highly recommended TNG novel. Remember to check details like the Goodreads rating or Amazon view before adding it to your reading list.

    • How do I track my reading progress for Star Trek novels?

      There are several ways to track your reading progress. Websites like Goodreads let you shelf rate novels you've read and view details such as publication date and author. They also allow you to add novels to your reading list and check off what you've read already.

    • I prefer reading online. Are Star Trek books available in digital format, like Kindle or paperback?

      Yes! Many Star Trek books are available in Kindle format for online reading. You can also purchase paperback versions if you prefer a physical copy. Just make sure to add them to your reading list to track your progress.

    • Can I find Star Trek novels in languages other than English?

      Yes, Star Trek novels have been translated into many languages, allowing fans worldwide to enjoy the captivating stories of the Star Trek universe. Regardless of the language you read in, remember to follow the story continuity to fully appreciate the Star Trek litverse. Happy reading!