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Shari Lapena Books in Order (8 Book Series)

An Unwanted GuestA Stranger in the HouseHappiness Economics

Shari Lapena has written a series of 8 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you tell me more about shari lapena books and the order in which they were published?

      Absolutely! Shari Lapena's books in chronological order begin with the domestic suspense novel "The Couple Next Door", followed by "A Stranger in the House", "An Unwanted Guest", "Someone We Know", "The End of Her" and the latest, "Not a Happy Family."

    • As an ardent reader, I am always keen on discovering more about the author. Could you tell me more about Shari Lapena?

      Sure, author Shari Lapena has been writing nail-biting thriller novels for several years now. Her first book, "The Couple Next Door," made it to the New York Times Best Seller list, and since then, her books have been loved by readers around the world.

    • I am interested in the content of her books. What themes do Shari Lapena's novels usually explore?

      Shari Lapena's novels often delve into the genre of domestic suspense. Her stories typically involve families in perilous situations where unexpected revelations come to light. Often set in everyday environments like a house or a neighborhood, her books keep the readers on edge with their thrilling plots.

    • I am a fan of short thrillers. Does Shari Lapena have any such books?

      Quite a few of Shari Lapena's books are indeed pulse-pounding thrillers that are also quite easy to read. One such book is "The Couple Next Door," a domestic suspense thriller that unfolds the story of a couple and their neighbor over a short span of time.

    • I love hardcover books! Where can I get Shari Lapena's books in hardcover or paperback?

      You can find Shari Lapena's book in both hardcover and paperback on numerous online platforms like Amazon. Just type "Shari Lapena's books Amazon" in the search bar and a list of her books will appear. You can choose to buy in the order of your preference.

    • I'm more of a digital reader. Can I also find her books in Kindle format?

      Yes, indeed. Shari Lapena's books are available in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle versions. You can pick the format that suits you best.

    • Can you tell me more about the book "A Stranger in the House"?

      Certainly! "A Stranger in the House" is a highly-rated thriller by author Shari Lapena. The story revolves around a woman named Karen who can't remember what happened a couple of years ago when there was a mysterious accident. The book is filled with suspense and unexpected twists, making it a gripping read.

    • Is there a way to stay updated about new releases by Shari Lapena?

      Of course! You can subscribe to Shari Lapena's newsletter. This way, you'll be the first to know about her new books, short stories, and any other updates.

    • How are Shari Lapena's books received by readers and critics?

      Shari Lapena's books have been greatly appreciated by readers and critics alike. They often receive 4 or 5 stars for their engaging plot twists and gripping narrative. Her books are staple reads for fans of domestic suspense and thriller genres.