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Rhys Bowen Books in Order (53 Book Series)


Rhys Bowen has written a series of 53 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you give me some background on the author Rhys Bowen and her popular Constable Evans series?

      Rhys Bowen is the pen name for Janet Quin-Harkin, a British author known for her historical mystery series featuring Constable Evans, an endearing character who solves cases in the idyllic Welsh village where he works. Janet Quin-Harkin is also the author behind other popular series, such as the Royal Spyness mysteries and the Molly Murphy mysteries.

    • I've heard of the Royal Spyness series, but who is the main character, and what's it about?

      The Royal Spyness series, also written by Rhys Bowen, is a cozy historical mystery series set in 1930s England. The main character, Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie (or Georgie for short), is 34th in line to the British throne and finds herself tangled in various mysteries that often involve the royal family.

    • Can you tell me more about the Evan Evans series and its relation to the Constable Evans character?

      The Evan Evans series, also known as the Constable Evans mysteries, follows the charming and resourceful Constable Evan Evans as he solves intriguing cases in the small village of Llanfair, Wales. Rhys Bowen's delightful style brings to life the quaint village and its quirky inhabitants, creating a perfect backdrop for the Evans mystery series.

    • What order should I read Rhys Bowen's books in? Do I need to start with a specific series?

      To fully appreciate Rhys Bowen's captivating writing and character development, it is recommended to read her series in publication order, starting with the first book in each respective series. For example, you could start with the first Constable Evans book, "Evans Above," and then move on to the first book in the Royal Spyness series, "Her Royal Spyness." This will allow you to follow the progression of Rhys Bowen as an author and the growth of her characters.

    • I've never read any of Rhys Bowen's books before. Can you recommend a series or book to start with?

      If you're new to Rhys Bowen's work, you might want to start with the Royal Spyness series, which is a favorite among many readers. The first book, "Her Royal Spyness," introduces Georgie, the witty and resourceful protagonist, as she navigates her aristocratic but penniless life while solving intriguing mysteries. This series is a great blend of humor, historical settings, and intriguing cases that will surely hook you into the world of Rhys Bowen's writing.

    • Can the Elizabeth Craft series be read out of order, or should I follow a specific reading order?

      While Elizabeth Craft is not a series penned by Rhys Bowen, it is always a good idea to read a series in the order of publication, as this allows you to follow the author's intended narrative chronology and character development. However, if you accidentally start with a later book, you can still enjoy the story without being completely lost, as each book typically focuses on a standalone mystery.

    • Are Rhys Bowen books available in Kindle format, and where can I find them?

      Yes, many of Rhys Bowen's books, including the Constable Evans and Royal Spyness series, are available in Kindle format, making it convenient for readers who prefer digital copies. You can find them on Amazon's Kindle Store, often at affordable prices, or check your local library's e-book collection.

    • Do Rhys Bowen's cozy mystery series have any crossover characters or shared settings?

      While some authors may have crossover characters or shared settings between their series, Rhys Bowen's Constable Evans, Royal Spyness, and Molly Murphy series are all set in different locations and time periods, with unique characters in each series. However, her skillful storytelling and engaging writing style are consistent throughout all her works, making it an enjoyable experience for readers who enjoy one series to explore the others.

    • Is there a comprehensive list of all of Rhys Bowen's books in order, including her various series?

      A complete list of Rhys Bowen's books in order can be found on her official website, Goodreads, or other online sources dedicated to book lists and author bibliographies. These lists typically include the publication order of each series, allowing you to easily follow Rhys Bowen's literary journey and enjoy her various mystery series at your own pace.