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PG Wodehouse Books in Order (125 Book Series)

A Few Quick OnesA Damsel in DistressA Gentleman of Leisure

PG Wodehouse is a series of 125 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 125 books
    1. 35


      PG Wodehouse

    2. 45

      Big Money

      PG Wodehouse

    3. 48

      Hot Water

      PG Wodehouse

    4. 93

      Plum Pie

      PG Wodehouse

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    • I heard someone named Leigh Turner talking about P.G. Wodehouse books. Can you provide some information on these?

      Yes, P G Wodehouse's works are a delight to read. Most of his books are novels, but he also wrote an impressive collection of short stories. The author's most widely recognized series is centered on Jeeves, a comically serene butler serving the hapless Bertie Wooster. P.G.Wodehouse's works have a high avg rating, reflecting their enduring popularity.

    • Is there a specific order in which I should read these Wodehouse books?

      Yes, there is a specific publication order for P.G.Wodehouse's works. But, P G Wodehouse wrote many standalone novels, so there isn't an absolute need to read them in order. However, for series like Jeeves and Wooster, you may want to stick to the publication order for continuity.

    • How can I find these novels by this author?

      You can buy order P.G.Wodehouse's books from many online retailers. Some even offer downloads for Psmith series, another favorite of P G Wodehouse fans. Alternatively, libraries may have these novels in stock. Just look for the stock code, reserve, add to your basket, and enjoy!

    • How does the writing of P.G. Wodehouse compare with other authors of his time?

      P.G.Wodehouse's style is unique, and it's hard to compare Wodehouse directly with other authors. His writing is marked by an inherent humor, intricate plot twists, and idiosyncratic character development. He's often likened to authors like Douglas Adams, known for the Hitchhiker's Guide series.

    • I live in the UK. Can I get P.G. Wodehouse's novels here?

      Absolutely, P G Wodehouse novels are available in both the UK and the USA, among other places. Whether you prefer paperback or Kindle editions, there are plenty of options to choose from. Be sure to read the description and reviews before your buy order.

    • Can you provide more information about the Jeeves series by this author?

      Sure, the series by P.G.Wodehouse, aka Jeeves, revolves around a dapper valet named Jeeves and his rich, rather clueless employer Bertie Wooster. The series was published over several decades, and comprises novels and short stories, all filled with Wodehouse's signature humor and wit.

    • Can you give me a list of P.G. Wodehouse's short stories?

      P.G.Wodehouse was an prolific author who wrote numerous short stories apart from novels. Some of the well-known short stories include "Jeeves Takes Charge", "The Artistic Career of Corky", and "Jeeves and the Unbidden Guest". For an exhaustive list, you might want to check a comprehensive bibliography.

    • What is the avg rating for P.G. Wodehouse's works and how many ratings does he have?

      P G Wodehouse's works are highly rated across the board, with average ratings often above 4.0, based on tens of thousands of ratings. It's a testament to the enduring popularity of this author, whose stories continue to entertain readers worldwide.

    • Who is Leigh Turner in relation to P.G. Wodehouse's works?

      Leigh Turner is a noted enthusiast and scholar of P G Wodehouse's works. His insights and analyses have deepened the appreciation of Wodehouse's stories for a broad audience. You might find his commentary helpful as you read and compare Wodehouse's works.