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Peter Robinson Books in Order (34 Book Series)

A Necessary EndA Dedicated ManAftermath

Peter Robinson has written a series of 34 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 34 books


    • What books are in the correct peter robinson books in order for the DCI Banks series order?

      To enjoy Peter Robinson's books in the sequence intended and follow the development of DCI Banks, you should read them in their publication order. The writer Peter Robinson's series starts with "Gallows View" as the introductory book, followed by titles like "A Dedicated Man" and "A Necessary End." If you're unable to find a particular title, don't hesitate to ask for assistance. You can find the comprehensive list and order of the entire series by checking the top menu on our website.

    • Can I find a list of the series in order for all peter robinson books on your website's menu?

      Yes, on Most Recommended Books, we provide a detailed list of peter robinson's books, including the DCI Banks series order. The list is updated to include the latest top crime stories and ensure fans can read the mystery novels as the author Peter Robinson intended in their correct publication order.

    • Are there any standalone peter robinson novels book outside of the Inspector Banks series?

      While Peter Robinson is immensely popular for his DCI Banks series, he has also penned several standalone novels and short stories that delve into various crime and mystery themes. You can find these titles under the "Standalone Novels" section on our website.

    • How do I ensure I'm selecting books in order from the DCI Banks book series?

      When browsing our website, always look for the 'series order' indicator next to each book’s title. Highlighting the finest books in sequence ensures a cohesive reading experience as you follow the crime-solving adventures of DCI Banks and his colleague, Annie Cabbot.

    • I'm a new reader to peter robinson's work. What book do you recommend I start with in series order?

      As a new reader, you should start with "Gallows View," which is the first book in Peter Robinson's award-winning DCI Banks series order. This will introduce you to the world of DCI Banks and set the stage for the mysteries and crime stories to come.

    • How can I find out which book comes next in the series order after I finish reading one?

      In any Peter Robinson book series, particularly the DCI Banks series, the next book to read is just a few clicks away. Simply go to the series menu on our site, and you will find the books listed in their correct order. From there, you can add the next title to your cart or directly proceed to Kindle purchase on Amazon.

    • Do Peter Robinson’s novels only feature crime stories, or do they explore different genres?

      While best known for his finest mystery series featuring DCI Banks, Peter Robinson, the acclaimed writer, has also written various short stories capturing a wide array of themes. However, his novels predominantly revolve around crime and the nuanced world of police investigation led by the stalwart David Banks and the astute Annie Cabbot.