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Peter F Hamilton Books in Order (33 Book Series)

A Night Without StarsA Hole in the SkyA Quantum Murder

Peter F Hamilton is a series of 33 books written by 3 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 33 books
    1. 6
      The Web

      The Web


      Peter F. Hamilton

    2. 11
      Fallen Dragon

      Fallen Dragon

      Peter F. Hamilton

    3. 12
      Misspent Youth

      Misspent Youth

      Peter F. Hamilton

    4. 20
      Great North Road

      Great North Road

      Peter F. Hamilton

    5. 32
      Light Chaser

      Light Chaser

      Gareth L Powell



    • What is the recommended peter f hamilton books in order for new readers?

      To fully enjoy the depth of Hamilton's books, the recommended reading sequence typically follows the chronological publication sequence of the book series. This ensures you experience the author's unfolding narrative and character development as intended. You can find the precise sequence on our site, with direct links to their Amazon pages for convenience.

    • Where can I find a list of all the peter f hamilton's books?

      You can find a detailed list of all Hamilton's books, including his standalone novels and multiple series, on our website. Each book is linked to its Amazon page where you can easily check the price and purchase them for your Kindle or physical collection. This list is a great resource for any fan of science fiction.

    • Is there a specific sequence in which I should read the book series by author Peter F Hamilton?

      Yes, there is a suggested reading order that can enhance your enjoyment of Hamilton's intricate science fiction universe. By following the book series in the publication sequence, readers can appreciate the expanding story arcs and significant character developments authentically. This reading order is accessible on our site, aiding your reading journey.

    • What genres does Peter F cover in his books?

      Peter F Hamilton is prominently known for his contributions to science fiction and space opera genres, but some of his works also delve into fantasy and cyberpunk. His varied writing appeals to a wide audience, including adults and mature children, who are interested in these genres.

    • Are Hamilton's science fiction series appropriate for younger readers?

      Hamilton's novels, particularly his science fiction series, often contain complex themes and mature content, typically making them most suitable for adult and mature adolescent readers. While they explore imaginative science and fantasy worlds, the subject matter might not be appropriate for younger children.

    • Can I sign up on your website to get updates on Peter F Hamilton's latest novels?

      Absolutely! You can sign up on our website to receive updates on the latest fiction from Peter F Hamilton and other authors. By following his profile, you'll be alerted to any new releases, special content, and even price drops for his science fiction and fantasy novels on Amazon.

    • How does Peter F Hamilton rank as a goodreads author on their platform?

      Peter F Hamilton is a highly acclaimed author on Goodreads, with a strong fan following and high ratings for his novels. As a platform that allows readers to rate and review books, Goodreads can offer insight into how other readers have enjoyed Hamilton's work as an author. Don't forget to sign into your account to follow him and stay updated on his latest projects.