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Logan McRae Books in Order (16 Book Series)

All That's Dead22 Dead Little BodiesBlind Eye

Logan McRae is a series of 16 books written by Stuart MacBride. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 16 books


    • What is the Logan McRae books in order and reading sequence?

      To follow the journey of Detective Sergeant Logan McRae from the beginning, you'll want to read Stuart MacBride's gripping novels in the order they were released. Starting with "Cold Granite," continuing with "Dying Light," and so on, the detective sergeant solves grueling cases in Aberdeen, Scotland. You can check the chronological order and price, authored by MacBride, and compare them with other crime authors on Most Recommended Books, where we curate and add links to these powerful stories on Amazon, complete with Harper Collins' editions when available.

    • How do I find the Logan McRae series in order on your site using the menu?

      To find the Logan McRae series in the correct reading order, simply visit our site and look for the Logan McRae menu option. There, you'll find a listing of Stuart MacBride's novels in the series order, with easy access to a description, price, and links to view them on Amazon. This menu feature ensures you have the best reading experience, following Sergeant Logan McRae as he tackles crime in the harsh environment of Aberdeen.

    • Can I start with any Logan McRae books or should I begin with the first book?

      For the optimal experience, it's recommended to start with the first book of the Logan McRae series authored by Stuart MacBride. This allows you to witness the development of Detective Sergeant Logan McRae as a character and understand the complex backstories that interweave throughout the novels. Begin with "Cold Granite" to truly appreciate Stuart MacBride's narrative, the price of commitment to the series, and the evolution of the series Logan McRae.

    • Is there a complete list of the Logan McRae books with their prices included?

      Yes, our website Most Recommended Books hosts a complete list of all the Logan McRae books by author Stuart MacBride, including the price for each. Fans of crime fiction can read about each book, check the latest release, and explore the somber streets of Scotland with Sergeant Logan McRae. Be sure to add them to your reading list to not miss out on any of the action! You will also find recommendations for other crime fiction authors like Harper Lee and her classic novel on our site.

    • Who is Logan MacRae and who is the author of the books?

      Logan MacRae is the main character, a detective sergeant, in a series of crime novels set in Aberdeen, Scotland. The author of these engrossing books is Stuart MacBride, a prominent figure among modern crime authors. Each book delves into intense cases that Sergeant Logan tackles, showcasing MacBride's darkly atmospheric and gritty storytelling.

    • What type of cases does Logan McRae investigate in Stuart MacBride's novels?

      In Stuart MacBride's novels, Detective Sergeant Logan McRae investigates a wide range of gruesome and challenging cases. These can range from serial killings to child abductions, unfolding against the austere backdrop of Aberdeen. The city's stark atmosphere plays a crucial role in framing the intricate mysteries that Sergeant Logan doggedly works to solve.

    • Will there be more books added to the Logan McRae series by Stuart MacBride, and will your website update the price as well?

      The Logan McRae series is authored by Stuart MacBride, and new books are added to the series as the author releases them. Keep an eye on our website for updates on the latest books in the series. You can check the current listings, read a description of each novel, compare prices, and even keep abreast of any upcoming release dates, ensuring you never miss a new installment of detective Logan McRae's gripping stories set in Scotland authored by one of the renowned authors of our time.