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Joy Ellis Books in Order (27 Book Series)

Buried on the FensBeware the PastCaptive on the Fens

Joy Ellis has written a series of 27 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 27 books


    • What is the correct order of Joy Ellis books in her series?

      To experience Joy Ellis's series as intended years ago, you should check the publication order, which is typically how we list her novels. The correct order starts with her earliest publications first. For example, the Nikki Galena series begins with "Crime on the Fens." You can find the latest sequencing of Joy Ellis books on our website.

    • Can you list all of the Joy Ellis books available through your website?

      Absolutely, you can find a comprehensive list of Joy Ellis books on our website, including her popular Nikki Galena series and Jackman & Evans series. We ensure that the list stays updated with her latest novels, and for convenience, we link directly to their Amazon pages where they are available in various formats including Kindle and Audible.

    • Where can I find the newest books by Joy Ellis?

      To add Joy Ellis's newest books to your collection, keep an eye on our website. We continuously update our listings with the latest releases from the author. You can also subscribe to notifications for updates on new novels by Joy Ellis and other authors in your favorite genres.

    • In reply to my previous query, I'm looking for the Nikki Galena Joy Ellis book series in audiobook format. Can you help?

      Certainly! Joy Ellis's suspenseful novels are available in audiobook format, which you can conveniently listen to via Audible. You can find links to purchase and download these audiobooks from Amazon through our website. So make sure to check back regularly for the newest releases and enjoy listening to Joy Ellis's engrossing storytelling.

    • What can you tell me about Joy Ellis as an author, her publisher, and her books?

      Joy Ellis is an English author known for her gripping crime and detective novels. She has been writing for many years and has garnered a strong following due to her intricate plotting and compelling characters. Her books are published by Joffe Books, and her series have become especially popular, including the Nikki Galena and Jackman & Evans series among others.

    • I've failed to find a particular book by Joy Ellis in the correct order; can you assist me?

      If you've failed to locate a specific book by Joy Ellis, our website’s search feature can help. Just enter the title you're looking for, and if it's available, we will provide a direct link to Amazon where you can purchase it for your Kindle, read a hard copy, or listen to it through Audible.

    • How often does Joy Ellis release new novels through her publisher, and how can I find these Joy Ellis books?

      Joy Ellis releases new books quite often, typically with at least one new novel each year. As her publisher, Joffe Books, announces new books, we immediately include them in our listings. To stay up-to-date on her new publications, you can always rely on our website to provide the latest information.