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Jan Karon Books in Order (26 Book Series)


Jan Karon has written a series of 26 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you tell me about the series by author Jan Karon that features a character named Father Tim?

      Yes, indeed! Jan Karon is perhaps best known for her inspirational book series featuring the character Father Tim. This series, known as the Father Tim series, is a heartwarming collection of novels set in the small fictional town of Mitford.

    • What is the order of the Jan Karon's series featuring Father Tim?

      Jan Karon's books, often referred to as the Father Tim series, follow a specific publication order. The first book, "At Home in Mitford," introduces readers to Father Tim and the other charming residents of Mitford. Subsequent books in the series continue to portray Father Tim's life and adventures.

    • What's the best way to check the latest prices of the Jan Karon books in the Father Tim series?

      You can check the latest prices of Jan Karon books in the Father Tim series by clicking on any online book store or retail site. Simply search for the specific book or the series name and you'll find the latest price details.

    • What's unique about the Kindle Publication of the Jan Karon book series?

      The Kindle publication of Jan Karon’s book series comes with the added convenience of portability. You can take Father Tim's adventures with you wherever you go. It's the same heartwarming stories, but you can read them at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

    • How many pages does a typical Jan Karon book in the Father Tim series have?

      A typical book in Jan Karon's Father Tim series has between 400 to 500 pages. Penguin, the publishing house that prints these books, ensures a comfortable reading experience by using clear, easy-to-read fonts and well-spaced lines.

    • How many years has Father Tim been a character in Jan Karon's books?

      Father Tim has been a central character in Jan Karon's books for more than 20 years. His character has evolved beautifully over time, making him a favorite among readers.

    • Is there a significant character in the series apart from Father Tim?

      Yes, apart from Father Tim, another significant character in Jan Karon's series is Cynthia, Father Tim's wife. The series not only focuses on Father Tim's life but also their romance and married life.

    • Does the Jan Karon book series belong to a particular genre?

      Yes, Jan Karon's book series is often categorized under Christian Fiction and Mystery. It also has elements of romance and adult life woven into its storyline.

    • Where can I shop for books from the Father Tim series by Jan Karon?

      You can shop for books from the Father Tim series by Jan Karon at any reputable online bookstore. Simply add the books to your cart and proceed to checkout to complete your purchase.