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Dirk Pitt Books in Order (26 Book Series)

Atlantis FoundArctic DriftBlack Wind

Dirk Pitt is a series of 26 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 26 books


    • What is the Dirk Pitt book series?

      The Dirk Pitt book series is a collection of top adventure novels written by author Clive Cussler. These books follow the daring exploits of Dirk Pitt, a marine engineer, government agent, and adventurer. The series is known for its action-packed stories that often involve underwater exploration and sunken ship discoveries.

    • Can I find a list of the Dirk Pitt books in chronological order on your menu?

      Absolutely! You can browse our menu to find the complete Dirk Pitt series in order. This will help you read the novels as Clive Cussler intended, following the chronological adventures of the beloved character, ensuring you can enjoy the progression of the thrilling plot lines.

    • How many Dirk Pitt books are there by Clive Cussler in the library?

      The Dirk Pitt novels, penned by author Clive Cussler, consist of numerous titles that offer a blend of sea adventures and thrills. You can view the full list of these novels on our library page to see how extensive the Dirk Pitt series is.

    • Where does the Dirk Pitt book series take place?

      The Dirk Pitt series showcases adventures across various global locations, many set in the United States. The novels often feature a mix of historical and fictional events, with a high-stakes mission at the core of each story.

    • How can I add a Dirk Pitt book to my reading shelf?

      Once you find the title you're looking for from the Dirk Pitt series on our website, you can easily click to link to the Amazon page where you can add the book to your cart, ready for purchase so you can add it to your personal library or Kindle shelf and play out his journeys at your leisure.

    • Are there any upcoming books in the Dirk Pitt series?

      Clive Cussler has been recognized for regularly adding new adventures to the Dirk Pitt series. Keep an eye on our site for any announcements about upcoming novels, so you can be one of the first to read the latest adventures that play out in the series.

    • What makes Dirk Pitt a popular character in Clive Cussler's novels?

      Dirk Pitt is a popular character because of his charisma, resourcefulness, and propensity for finding himself at the center of historic finds and daring rescues. His exploits are often set against a backdrop of the high seas, lost artifacts, and international intrigue, making the novels a thrilling read for fans of action and adventure in the United States and beyond.