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Crossfire Books in Order (5 Book Series)


Crossfire is a series of 5 books written by Sylvia Day. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is the author of the Crossfire books?

      The author of the Crossfire books is none other than Sylvia Day.

    • How many books are there in the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day?

      The Crossfire series by Sylvia Day is made up of five books.

    • Can you help me with the order of the Crossfire series books?

      Absolutely! The crossfire series in order is: "Bared to You", "Reflected in You", "Entwined with You", "Captivated by You", and then "One with You".

    • How do I know which book comes next in the Crossfire series?

      To know which book comes next, you need to check the crossfire series order. You can easily find this information online or at most bookstores.

    • How can I add the Crossfire series books by this author to my reading list?

      You can add the Crossfire books to your reading read list by clicking the "add to list" button on the bottom right of the book cover image. From the shelving menu, select "read shelving". This will add the book to your read shelf. You can then rate the book by clicking on the "shelf rate" button.

    • Where can I view the details about each book in the Crossfire series?

      You can view the details about each book in the Crossfire series by clicking on the book's title. This will open a page with a detailed description and other information, such as the "view details" button. After viewing the details, you can add the book to your cart by clicking on the "details add" button.

    • Where can I buy the Crossfire series books by Sylvia Day?

      You can purchase the Crossfire books from Amazon. View each book in the series and add it to your cart. You can choose between hardcover and paperback options.

    • Is the Crossfire series published by Penguin?

      Yes, the Crossfire series is published by Penguin. They have done an outstanding job of bringing Sylvia Day's romance-filled fiction to readers everywhere.

    • What's the best way to keep track of what I've read in the Crossfire series?

      The best way to keep track of what you've read is to use the "read add" feature. This allows you to add each book to your "reading read" list as you finish them. This way, you'll always know the next book to read in the Crossfire series.