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22 Best Mafia Romance Books of All Time

Our goal: Find the best Mafia Romance books according to the internet (not just one random person's opinion).

    Here's what we did:
  1. Type "best mafia romance books" into our search engine and study the top 5 pages.
  2. Add only the books mentioned 2+ times.
  3. Rank the results neatly for you here! 😊
    (It was a lot of work. But hey! That's why we're here, right?)

(Updated 2023)

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  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3

    Bound by Honor

    Cora Reilly

  4. 4

    Ruthless People

    J.J. McAvoy

  5. 5


    J.M. Darhower

  6. 6


    L.J. Shen

  7. 8
  8. 9

    Beautifully Cruel

    J.T. Geissinger

  9. 10
  10. 11

    Crow's Row

    Julie Hockley

  11. 12
  12. 15
  13. 16

    Perfect Chemistry

    Simone Elkeles

  14. 18
  15. 19
  16. 20
  17. 21
  18. 22

    When Heroes Fall

    Giana Darling


  • How was this Mafia Romance books list created?

    We searched for "best Mafia Romance books", found the top 5 articles, took every book mentioned in 2+ articles, and averaged their rankings.

  • How many Mafia Romance books are in this list?

    There are 22 books in this list.

  • Why did you create this Mafia Romance books list?

    We wanted to gather the most accurate list of Mafia Romance books on the internet.

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