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9 Best Fly Fishing Books of All Time

Our goal: Find the best Fly Fishing books according to the internet (not just one random person's opinion).

    Here's what we did:
  1. Type "best fly fishing books" into our search engine and study the top 5+ pages.
  2. Add only the books mentioned 2+ times.
  3. Rank the results neatly for you here! 😊
    (It was a lot of work. But hey! That's why we're here, right?)

(Updated 2023)

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  • Can you recommend some great fly fishing books that capture the essence of the fishing life?

    Absolutely! Fly fishing books offer a wealth of information, from technical advice to vivid tales from anglers around the world. Some of the best fly fishing books that beautifully capture the spirit of the fishing life include "A River Runs Through It" by Norman Maclean, known for its lyrical writing and deep insights into the world of fly fishing, and "The Complete Angler" by Izaak Walton, a book rich in history that takes you on a journey through centuries of angling tradition.

  • I've heard a lot about John Gierach. What fly fishing books has he written?

    John Gierach has written a number of exceptional fly fishing books. He’s known for his engaging writing style and his ability to capture the essence of fly fishing life. Some of his best works include "Trout Bum," "Standing in a River Waving a Stick," and "Dances with Trout". Each of these books offers a vibrant and poignant look into the world of fly fishing, making them a great pick for any fan of the sport.

  • I've always had trouble with fly casting. Are there any books that can help me improve?

    Indeed, there are several fly fishing books specifically dedicated to helping you improve your fly casting skills. One of the best is "The Orvis Fly-Casting Guide" by Tom Rosenbauer. This book is a comprehensive guide that covers everything from the basics to advanced techniques. Another great book is "Master the Cast" by George V. Roberts Jr., which is praised for its clear and detailed instructions for various casting techniques.

  • What books would you recommend for someone looking to explore the world of trout water?

    There are many excellent fly fishing books that delve into the world of trout water. "Reading Trout Water: 2nd Edition" by Dave Hughes is a solid choice, providing a detailed guide on how to read and understand various water types to find trout. Another fantastic book is "Trout Streams of Southern Appalachia" by Jimmy Jacobs, which offers comprehensive guides to trout water in the Southern Appalachia region, all richly supported by the author's personal experiences.

  • I'm searching for a great gift for a fly fishing enthusiast. What books would you suggest?

    The Meateater store has a carefully curated selection of fly fishing books that make great gifts. You can find titles like "The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing" by Charlie Meyers and Kirk Deeter, a compact yet comprehensive guide, and "Fly-Fishing for Redfish" by Chico Fernandez, a fascinating dive into hunting fishing for redfish. Additionally, the Orvis shop offers a range of books including "Orvis Fly-Tying Guide" by Tom Rosenbauer, perfect for those interested in fly tying.

  • I've heard that flies play a crucial role in fly fishing. What books would you recommend for learning more about them?

    "The Fly-Tying Bible" by Peter Gathercole is a good book that provides a step-by-step guide to tying 100 essential flies. Another great resource is "Essential Trout Flies" by Dave Hughes, which explains how to tie the 31 most effective trout flies and when to use them. These fly fishing books serve as excellent guides for both beginners and experienced anglers.

  • Can you reply with some books that provide a historical perspective on fly fishing?

    Absolutely! "The History of Fly-Fishing in Fifty Flies" by Ian Whitelaw gives a fascinating account of the history of fly fishing and the development of fly patterns over centuries. "The River's Voice: An Anthology of Poetry" by Greg Smith offers a unique blend of fly fishing and literature, exploring the historical and cultural significance of fly fishing through poems.

  • What are some of the best books on fly fishing in Colorado waters?

    "The Flyfisher's Guide to Colorado" by Marty Bartholomew is one of the best fly fishing books that provides comprehensive details about fishing in Colorado. Featuring maps, hatch charts, and detailed river descriptions, this guide is a must-read for any angler planning to tackle Colorado's trout waters. Another good book is "Fly Fishing Colorado: A No Nonsense Guide to Top Waters" by Jackson Streit, providing insights from a long-time Colorado guide.

  • I'm a Hemingway fan. Are there any fly fishing books that have a Hemingway feel, perhaps involving marlin or tarpon fishing?

    Yes, "Hemingway on Fishing" is a collection of Ernest Hemingway's writings on fishing, including his experiences with marlin and tarpon fishing. Another book that captures the spirit of Hemingway's fishing adventures is "Islands in the Stream," a posthumous novel that includes vivid descriptions of marlin fishing in the Gulf Stream. Both of these fly fishing books beautifully embody the adventurous spirit of Hemingway's fishing life.

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