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11 Best Fasting Books of All Time

Our goal: Find the best Fasting books according to the internet (not just one random person's opinion).

    Here's what we did:
  1. Type "best fasting books" into our search engine and study the top 5+ pages.
  2. Add only the books mentioned 2+ times.
  3. Rank the results neatly for you here! 😊
    (It was a lot of work. But hey! That's why we're here, right?)

(Updated 2023)

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  • I'm looking for some good fasting books, especially on the topic of intermittent fasting. Which are the top-rated ones?

    Some of the best intermittent fasting books include "The Complete Guide to Fasting" by Dr. Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore, "Delay, Don't Deny" by Gin Stephens and "The Obesity Code" by Dr. Jason Fung. These fasting books explain the scientific basis of fasting, its health benefits, and provide a guide to different types of fasts. The books are packed with information to aid your weight loss journey. The paperback versions are reasonably priced too.

  • Which book on intermittent fasting should I read to refresh my knowledge about the diet?

    If you're looking to refresh your knowledge about intermittent fasting, "The 5:2 Diet Book" by Kate Harrison is a great choice. This book clear and concisely explains the challenges and benefits of the 5:2 fasting method.

  • I'm a woman interested in intermittent fasting for weight loss. Are there any books specifically addressing this?

    Yes, there are several fasting books catered to women. "Life in the Fasting Lane" by Dr. Jason Fung explains how intermittent fasting can help women achieve weight loss. "Fast. Feast. Repeat." by Gin Stephens is another book that provides a learning guide for women about the benefits and challenges of intermittent fasting.

  • Where can I find reviews of the best books on intermittent fasting?

    You can find reviews of the best intermittent fasting books through various online platforms. Websites such as Goodreads provide a "reviews view" option where you can read saving reviews by people who have read the book. The person voted as having the most helpful review often appears at the top.

  • Are there any books that explain the Keto and vegan intermittent fasting diets?

    Absolutely! "The Keto Diet" by Leanne Vogel and "Vegan Intermittent Fasting" by Petra Bracht are two fasting books that guide you through the keto and vegan intermittent fasting diets. These books feature various eating plans and explain the health benefits of these diets.

  • Have any of the books on intermittent fasting been voted as the most recommended?

    Yes, "The Complete Guide to Fasting" by Dr. Jason Fung has been voted as one of the most recommended fasting books. This book provides clear and concise explanations on the science of intermittent fasting and its health benefits.

  • I came across the term "dofasting" while searching for books on intermittent fasting. Can you explain what it means?

    "Dofasting" is an intermittent fasting app that provides personalized fasting plans, meal recommendations, and workout routines to help you achieve your weight loss goals. While it's not a book, it's a good complement to the fasting books you're reading for more practical, day-to-day guidance.

  • Is there a place where I can find articles on intermittent fasting that are featured in books?

    Websites like www.healthline.com and www.webmd.com often publish articles featured in fasting books. You can use their “articles search” function to find a wealth of information on intermittent fasting, often with credit courtesy of the original authors.

  • How can I get updates on the latest books published about intermittent fasting?

    Most online bookstores or websites like Amazon have a "publish date" filter when you search for books. Just type in "intermittent fasting" and filter for the most recent publish date to see the latest books on the topic.

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