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Adam Grant

Adam Grant Book Recommendations (29 Books)

Adam Grant is an American psychologist and author. Wikipedia

Books Recommended by Adam Grant

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  • What's the big idea behind Adam Grant's book recommendations?

    The big idea is that Adam Grant recommends books that have the potential to make a significant impact on the reader. He's not just an organizational psychologist but also a designer educator, and he's interested in the transformative power of good books.

  • How do I find a list of all the books Adam Grant recommends?

    You can find a reading list of all the books Adam Grant recommends on his website. Here, you can explore by year or subject and view details about each selection.

  • What type of books does Adam Grant usually recommend?

    Grant tends to recommend books that challenge the status quo and encourage original thinking. From thought-provoking non-fiction to insightful memoirs, his recommendations encompass a wide range of genres.

  • How does Adam Grant rate the books he recommends?

    Adam Grant has a unique way of rating books. Instead of a traditional star-system, Grant uses an avg rating method that takes into account the overall quality, reader reviews, and his personal opinion.

  • Can I trust the ratings on Adam Grant's website?

    Yes, you can. Grant puts a lot of time and effort into his ratings. If you see any error rating, it's likely due to a website glitch and not a reflection on the book's quality.

  • Does Adam Grant ever recommend books by comedians or actors?

    Yes, he does. In fact, Grant has recommended books by a comedian designer and an actor entrepreneur.

  • Are all the books Adam Grant recommends serious in nature?

    Not at all. While many of the books on Grant's reading list are thought-provoking, he also understands the value of a good laugh and the power of storytelling, making sure to include books by comedians and actors.

  • Who should read the books Adam Grant recommends?

    Any avid reader or someone who's looking to broaden their horizons would benefit from Grant's recommendations. Also, as an educator and actor himself, Grant has a knack for recommending books that appeal to a wide range of personalities and interests.

  • Can I suggest a book for Adam Grant's recommendation list?

    While it's unclear if Grant takes user suggestions, you can always reach out through his website. Who knows, your favorite book might fall into his read list next year.

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